Eiffel 101: Inspection Tips for Crane Mats

Crane mats protect the ground from damage by heavy equipment, protect equipment from becoming mired in mud, and provide a stable platform for the machinery to function. Before purchasing a used crane mat, it’s important to evaluate the mat’s condition to determine if it’s a good fit for your project.

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1. Inspect the Crane Mat’s Condition

Crane mats are graded based on the type of hardwood used, coloration, quality of bolts, and overall standard of construction. The crane mat grading standards are set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association and range on a letter scale from A to C. In order to earn their rating, crane mats must be graded by a licensed grader. The crane mat grading system enables you to narrow down your search when purchasing used crane mats, and best grade will depend on your project’s budget and requirements.

Grade A is the highest rating for used crane mats. Grade A mats must be less than nine months old and contain minimal wear with no timber chunks missing. These mats are in excellent condition.

Grade B is the middle rating for used crane mats. Timber edges of Grade B crane mats are still square and timbers are sound and free of rot. Grade B mats may have a few broken or missing bolts, stains, or other signs of use. Grade B crane mats are slightly more worn than Grade A mats, but they’re still in good condition.

Grade C crane mats may have damaged bolts or sections that have been rebuilt. These mats are not expected to last as long as Grade B or Grade A mats, which is why they’re best suited for single, short-term projects. Sometimes, Grade C crane mats are not suitable for any use.

2. Ask How Long the Crane Mat Has Been in Use

All crane mats have a limited lifespan ranging from about 18 months up to several years. The longer a crane mat has been in use, the less service life it has left – especially if used in a harsh environment, like a swamp. Before purchasing a used crane mat, it’s important to ask how long the crane mat has been in use, especially since a crane mat’s age is not always discernible by visual inspection alone. A crane mat’s age is particularly important if you plan to use to crane mat over an extended period of time, or for multiple projects. Once you know how long a crane mat has been in use, you’ll be able to more accurately evaluate if the mat is right for your purposes.

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3. Inspect the Type of Wood the Crane Mat is Made From

Crane mats can be made from many types of wood including Douglas Fir, oak, and mixed hardwood. Additionally, the ends of crane mats can be painted with wax lumber. Some buyers prefer certain wood types over others. If this applies to you, remember to inspect the type of wood the crane mat is made from.

4. Inspect the Crane Mat for Rot

Crane mats are made of wood, and as such, they can rot. A rotted crane mat is no longer serviceable. Before purchasing a used crane mat, it’s important to inspect the mat for any signs of rot.

5. What to Do If You Cannot Inspect the Crane Mats in Person

Sometimes, it’s not always possible to inspect a used crane mat in person before purchase. Ideally, you will be able to coordinate with a local liaison who can inspect the mats for you. If this is not an option, ask the seller to take photos and videos of the used crane mats from as many angles as possible. Photos should be clear and taken in good quality daylight to give you an accurate picture of the crane mats.

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