How to Buy and Sell HDPE Pipe with Eiffel Trading

HDPE pipe is designed to be in great, working condition for years, which makes it a hot item on the used market. If you’re a buyer looking for some affordable used or surplus HDPE pipe, look no further than Eiffel Trading, where our buying process is easy and convenient. Likewise, if you’re a seller, you’ll find that listing and finding a buyer for your HDPE pipe with Eiffel Trading is a breeze. Below you’ll find information about how buying and selling with us works.

How to Purchase HDPE Pipe with Eiffel Trading

Purchasing HDPE pipe with Eiffel Trading is an easy and convenient process. Here are the six steps involved in the buying process:

1. Check out listings and make an offer.

Peruse HDPE pipe listings until you find the HDPE pipe that works for your project. If you located pipe you want to purchase, hit the “Make Offer” button. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to email to inquire on options we may not yet have on our site.

2. Work with an account manager.

Once you’ve hit the offer button or sent us an email, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you! They are available to answer questions, set up inspections, provide more photos, etc.

3. Make plans to inspect or waive inspection.

Once you’ve made your initial offer, you can opt to schedule an in-person inspection or opt to waive one if you don’t think it will be necessary and you want to speed up the buying process.

4. Finalize the contract to buy.

Once you have inspected the material and have made your final decision, our team will get to work on the logistics. You can consider taking advantage of Eiffel Trading’s in-house freight partners to assist you in getting a freight rate to ship the HDPE pipe to your location.

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How to Sell HDPE Pipe with Eiffel Trading

If you decide to sell your HDPE pipe with Eiffel Trading, we will assist you through every step of the process as needed. Our selling process is designed to maximize simplicity. Here’s how it works in five steps:

1. Decide on a price.

Do some market research and decide on a fair price for your HDPE pipe that will help you turn a decent profit. If you need to sell the material quickly, we recommend pricing on the low side to attract more buyers. If you do not need to sell quickly, we recommend pricing at market value and being open to offers! Our account managers will work hand in hand with you to set a fair price.

2. Create your HDPE pipe listing.

Follow the steps outlined on our website to create a free listing for your HDPE pipe. Creating a listing includes taking qualithy photos! We recommend taking clear photos in good lighting from multiple angles.

3. Include key details in your listing.

Don’t forget to provide info about specs, overall condition, brand, etc. on your listing. The more info you offer potential buyers, the better!

4. Let the offers roll in.

Your listing should attract buyers who make offers in no time. You can send counteroffers to potential buyers if you expect more than what they offer you. This process allows the seller to be in control of the price!

5. Agree to a suitable offer.

Once you’ve received a suitable offer for your HDPE pipe, you and the buyer will agree to a contract and finalize the transaction.

Whether you’re buying or selling HDPE pipe, Eiffel Trading is here to help you get the most out of your experience! Start the process of buying or selling with us today!

Used and Surplus HDPE Pipe for Sale

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Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace was created to allow contractors a platform for buying and selling used materials. Our inventory not only includes HDPE pipe, but also used steel sheet pile, used traffic barrier wall, used marine equipment, and more.

All of our listings are constantly being updated, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, create a wanted listing.

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