6 Ways Eiffel Trading Company is Different

Eiffel Trading Company is an innovative way to sell your secondary equipment and materials. We pride ourselves on being different from the competition. Here are some things that set us apart from the pack:

1. We don’t charge a fee to list with us. Many other sites that help you sell your equipment and materials do. It is 100% free for you to list your secondary equipment and materials. Our commission is included in the asking price, and we collect that from the buyer.

2. We don’t think auctions provide the most value to sellers. That’s part of why we created Eiffel Trading, to provide you with an alternative to auctions- an alternative where you don’t risk the chance of getting paid below market value for your secondary equipment and materials.

3. We don’t take away your selling rights. You’re free to advertise your secondary equipment and materials anywhere else. Just let us know if something gets sold elsewhere.

4. We simplify things by being a centralized marketplace. Got a crane, an excavator, and sheet pile you need to sell? There’s no need to go to multiple different sites that sell each specific type of equipment. You can list all of your secondary equipment and materials on our site and save yourself valuable time and effort.

5. We answer potential buyers’ questions for you. We know that you’re busy, so we try to handle all of the extra work for you. You don’t have to communicate with a buyer until the deal is ready to move forward.

6. We don’t do the pricing for you. Some of the other major options for selling your equipment and materials pick the price for you. They pick prices to speed up the selling process. Eiffel Trading lets you choose your own prices, which means more profits for you once we find the right buyers using our targeted marketing system.