Eiffel 101: Inspection Tips for Crane Mats

4 Ways to Earn More from Selling Your Crane Access Trestle Online

4 Options for Selling Your Used Crane Access Trestle

5 Reasons to Sell Crane Access Trestle with Eiffel Trading

Every day, Eiffel Trading facilitates the sales of used structural steel shapes across North America. Our buyers and sellers represent ENR Top 400 companies, rental companies, dealers, brokers and suppliers, and our platform enables sellers to reach a wider marke...

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What is a Poseidon Sectional Barge?

A Poseidon sectional barge is a type of truckable or modular barge. Sectional barges, in general, are made up of sections or modules that connect to form platforms of desired dimensions. Once assembled and on the water, sectional barges, including Poseido...

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Should I Sell My Poseidon Sectional Barges?

Poseidon barges are some of the most prevalent types of sectional barges (also called modular barges and truckable barges), and they’re always in high demand on both the new and used markets. Along with Flexifloat, Poseidon is one of the most tru...

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Should I Sell My Flexifloat Sectional Barges?

Flexifloat barges are among the most popular kinds of sectional barges. These barges are produced by the well-reputed Robishaw Engineering and branded under their Flexifloat line. Along with Poseidon sectional barges, Flexifloat barges are top sellers on both the...

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How Is Pipe Pile Used in Bridge Building?

Steel pipe of various styles may be used as pipe pile. When employed in construction, pipe pile transfers structural loads of significant heft into deep layers of soil or rock. This is particularly advantageous when top layers of the ground are w...

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Inspection Tips for Crane Access Trestles

When inspecting a crane access trestle either for purchase or rental, there are a few key things to review to ensure the material suits your project. These items include the trestle’s wear and tear, purchase date, prior applications, drawings, certificati...

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Should I Purchase a Used Mabey Bridge?

Mabey Bridges

Mabey is a temporary bridge brand that makes several types of temporary site access bridges, though each of their styles can be made permanent with modifications. Such types include the Mabey Compact 200, which is the brand...

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