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Why Should I Sell Used W-Beams?

Eiffel 101: How to Buy and Sell Concrete Formwork with Eiffel Trading

Should I Sell Used H-Pile at Auction?

Eiffel 101: 4 Ways to Earn More Selling Your H-Pile Online

H-pile beams can be applied to a wide range of foundation projects, including bridges, highways, heavy structures, and more. Because H-pile is made of steel, it retains its value and can be uninstalled and resold after it’s no longer needed on a prior project. Click to continue

Eiffel 101: Reasons to Avoid Selling Your Wide Flange Beams at Auction

Wide flange beams are made of steel, which mean they have excellent longevity, retain their value over time, and can be uninstalled and resold after they’re no longer needed on a project. However, selling your wide flange beams at auction often means you’ll make ...

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How to Buy and Sell HDPE Pipe with Eiffel Trading

HDPE pipe is designed to be in great, working condition for years, which makes it a hot item on the used market. If you’re a buyer looking for some affordable used or surplus HDPE pipe, look no further than Eiffel Trading, where our buying process is easy...

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Why Should I Sell H-Pile Beams on Eiffel Trading’s Marketplace?

H-pile have a wide range of structural applications applications in highways, stadiums, bridges, combi walls, marine construction and earth retention systems.

Due to the temporary nature of H-pile and the high price of steel, H-pile retains its value ...

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Should I Sell My Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a broad term used to encompass many types of steel construction materials including steel plates, sheet pile, pipe pile, trestles, W-beams and H-pile. Due to the longevity of structural steel, these materials can be uninstalled and resold afte...

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What is a Flexifloat Sectional Barge?

A Flexifloat sectional barge is a modular/truckable barge made by Robishaw Engineering. Sectional barges, including Flexifloat barges, are floating platforms that are “constructed” on-site by connecting sections or modules. When sectional barges are not i...

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3 Ways to Get More from Selling Your Pipe Pile Online

The term “pipe pile” consists of seamless, welded, or spiral-welded steel pipe driven into the ground. It is often employed to create deep foundations to transfer loads from heavy structures and buildings, such as highways, bridges, and large commercial b...

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