What are the Alternatives to PZ-27 Sheet Pile?

PZ-27, PZC-18, AZ19-700, ZZ19-700, ESZ19-700, & NZ19 Comparable Sections

The PZ-27 sheet pile is kind of like the godfather of sheet piling – all piling contractors know it and are comfortable with the performance. However, on the used steel market, used PZ-27 sheets are very hard to come by. Over the course of Eiffel Trading’s 10+ year existence, we’ve sold the PZ-27 and PZC-18 almost as fast as we could get them listed, most never even making it on the site. So, we have come up with a list that most engineers have allowed to substitute when your initial design calls for a PZ-27.

PZ/PZC Sheet Pile for Sale

PZ-27 vs. PZC-18

The PZ-27 sheet pile is 36” or 3’ wide per pair with an elastic section modulus of 30.2. The PZC-18 is a wider section at 50” or 4’-2” per pair with a section modulus of 33.5. These two sections are the most commonly sought-after sheet pile sections we know. They’re both great at performance and some folks will say the PZ-27 is more durable for repetitive driving, but you also get more wall footage with the PZC-18 to increase production. Either way, you cannot go wrong with either of these ball and socket sheet piles. In our comparison, these are the only sections that have the same ball and socket interlocks. Both sections are, as of this writing, melted and manufactured in the USA for the Buy-America Act.

PZ-27 vs. AZ19-700

The PZ-27 as mentioned above is a ball and socket interlock, when compared to the AZ19-700 with a larssen interlock. The AZ19-700 has a section modulus of 34.8 compared to the PZ-27’s section modulus of 30.2. The AZ19-700 pair is 4.59’ compared to the PZ-27 at 3’. When it comes down to comparing these sheets, you get more production out of the wider AZ19-700 on a driving per pair basis, however, the PZ-27 has the coveted ball and socket interlock. The AZ19-700 is imported from Europe where the PZ-27 in melted and manufactured in the USA for the Buy-America Act.

PZ-27 vs. ZZ19-700

ZZ19-700 is a Chinese made sheet pile with a larssen interlock. The ZZ19-700 very similar to the previously mentioned AZ19-700 in respect to width of 4.59’ per pair with a section modulus slightly higher of 34.97. Comparing it to the USA melted and manufactured PZ-27 at 3’ per pair and 30.2 section modulus. Prior to the Trump administration’s tariff on China, the ZZ brand of Chinese sheet pile had made a big dent in the USA market, but has slowed its progression since. You will still find the ZZ19-700 and other sizes around the used market and folks say they’re great sheets.

Used Steel Sheet Pile for Sale

PZ-27 vs. ESZ19-700

Similar to the ZZ19-700 and the AZ19-700 without product data and mill stamps, it’s difficult to tell the ESZ19-700 apart from their counterparts. The pair of ESZ19-700 is 4.59’ per pair with a section modulus of 34.875, with larssen interlocks. Against the PZ-27 3’ wide per pair and section modulus of 30.2. You get the production gains of driving more wall feet per pair vs. a PZ-27, but some people still prefer the USA made ball and socket section. The ESZ19-700 is manufactured in the UAE and imported to the USA.

PZ-27 vs. NZ19

On this comparison, we are talking siblings or maybe cousins, since they’re both produced by Nucor in the USA. The NZ19 is a larssen interlock sheet pile with a section modulus of 35.08 and a width per pair of 4.59’. If you haven’t memorized it yet, the PZ-27 section modulus is 30.2 and is 3’ wide per pair with the ball and socket interlock. The primary difference in the sheets other than all the data is the interlock, but importantly for the Buy-America Act projects – M&M in the USA.

Final Thoughts

I’ve mentioned a lot of praise for the ball and socket interlock in this comparison, however, this is just because a lot of the customers we serve look for that type. The Larssen interlock is more common on a global level and some have said more water-tight than the ball and socket. That is an ongoing debate – there’s even a group of people that believe cold-formed are best for water applications. What I’ve found is it is all a matter of preference for whoever is doing the work. If that person is happy – you have a higher chance of having a successful project.

Used Steel Sheet Pile for Sale

In summary – all of the above-mentioned sheet piles options are great products and when it comes to the used market, it is all about flexibility and availability. We may have the PZ-27 you covet in the pacific northwest and you need them in the Florida Keys. That’s why we put this sheet together to be a guide to help show our customers the other types of sheet pile sections available when you can’t find the exact one your engineer has designed.

We have a huge inventory of sheet pile throughout North America and would be happy to help your project source or liquidate any sheets or steel. In addition to acting as a Broker, Eiffel Trading will come in to purchase all the steel you have on your project to get it out of your way and let you focus on finishing the project strong. For more information on anything in this article, please call or text us at 800-541-7998 or send an email to sales@eiffeltrading.com.

- Andrew Norman, President

Note: We are not engineers and this should not be used as engineering data, please consult with a licensed professional engineer for all of your sheet pile design needs.