Should I Sell Used MassDOT Barrier Wall at Auction?

Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) construction barriers are a type of concrete construction barrier that have been approved by the state of Massachusetts for use on a variety of projects. Due to their durability, MassDOT barriers can be uninstalled and resold after a project is complete.

Given the rising costs of business and narrowing margins in the current market, contractors are moving away from traditional selling avenues like auctions in favor of more effective, modern selling methods with fewer associated fees.

In this article, we discuss the primary reasons why selling your used MassDOT barrier wall at an auction is not the best choice, and where you should list your materials instead.

1. Auctions Limit Your Exposure to a Small Local Audience

One of the largest drawbacks of auctions is that they will only advertise materials to attendees who are present at the auction, limiting your exposure to a small local audience.

This means that if you decide to auction your used MassDOT barrier wall, you’ll miss the opportunity to showcase the barriers to a broader statewide market.

This reduced visibility can lower your chances of finding a buyer willing to meet your desired price, often resulting in smaller profits and, in some cases, a failure to sell.

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2. Auctions Limit Your Ability to Control Your Own Pricing

Ideally, when you sell your used MassDOT barrier wall, you’ll maximize your earnings based on the current market demand. However, selling through auctions can be challenging in this regard, as the barriers will typically go to the highest bidder even if their offer is unreasonably low.

If a low bidder wins the auction, there's no option to retract the sale. This could mean you’re forced to proceed with a bad transaction, and this lack of control over pricing is one of the reasons why many sellers are switching away from auctions.

3. Auctions Charge Listing Fees for Used MassDOT Barriers

Before choosing to sell your MassDOT barrier wall at auction, it's important to consider the associated fees and factor in potential hidden costs.
Auction houses charge sellers to cover their various expenses, including staff, rented venue space, marketing ads, physical materials, and more. Many sellers end up absorbing these fees, often believing they have no other choice.

However, with online marketplaces like Eiffel Trading, seller fees are no longer required. If you list your MassDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading's online platform, you can do so with zero fees.

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4. Auctions Attract Opportunistic Buyers for MassDOT Barrier Walls

Auctions tend to draw opportunistic buyers who are seeking deals. Though this may not seem like a problem on its face, it ends up earning you less money.

This is because your MassDOT barrier wall may end up in the hands of an auction attendee looking for a bargain, rather than a buyer who genuinely needs the barriers for their construction project.

As a result, you’ll earn less for your MassDOT barriers than if you’d chosen a different selling platform where opportunistic buyers are not as common.

5. Where to Sell Your MassDOT Barriers to Make the Most Money

While auctions have been a traditional method for selling heavy construction material like used MassDOT barrier walls, our platform provides a more effective, modern strategy that can give you better results.

Eiffel Trading's online marketplace simplifies the selling process, reduces risk, and offers a hassle-free approach to selling MassDOT barrier walls. Our platform is also tailored to attract contractors actively seeking MassDOT barrier walls in Massachusetts.

By using our marketplace, you'll have the opportunity to earn a higher profit from your MassDOT barrier walls through our intuitive, fee-free listing system.

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