What is RIDOT Barrier Wall?

The term "precast RIDOT (Rhode Island Department of Transportation) barrier wall"s encompass a wide range of precast concrete construction barriers that have received official approval from RIDOT for use across highway, bridge, and road projects.

These barriers serve many purposes within the transportation infrastructure industry. Although RIDOT barrier walls may differ in dimension, length, and specifications, their overall objective is to ensure the safety and efficiency in construction zones while mitigating potential risks for motorists, pedestrians and workers.

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Does the term “RIDOT barrier wall” include?

The term “RIDOT barrier wall” is an umbrella term that applies to all the different types of barrier walls used in Rhode Island, as long as the barrier has been approved by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.
To earn the designation of an official RIDOT barrier wall, each type of barrier must fit the specifications provided by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. This ensures that the barriers meet the safety and performance standards set by the department.

What Materials are Used to Make RIDOT Barrier Walls?

The main two materials used to make precast RIDOT barrier walls are poured concrete and embedded steel rebar. The steel reinforcements protrude from each end of the barrier, allowing separate segments to link together. According to the 2022 RIDOT standards, precast barrier walls are f-shape and can either be single face or double face. It is common for RIDOT barriers to be installed temporarily, removed, and resold after they are no longer needed.

How Do RIDOT Barrier Walls Prevent Accidents?

Precast RIDOT barrier walls prevent accidents on highways, bridges, and roads undergoing construction or maintenance. They act as a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to hazardous work areas, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to both workers and the public.

In direct collisions where a vehicle strikes the barrier wall head-on, the robust construction of RIDOT barrier walls withstand the impact force and absorb the energy generated by the crash. By effectively absorbing and dissipating the force, the barrier physically stops the vehicle from crossing over it, thereby preventing it from reaching the other side and doing further harm.

In situations where a vehicle collides with a RIDOT barrier wall at a shallow angle, the sloped face of the barrier allows the car's tires to ride up the incline, prompting the vehicle to pivot away from the path of oncoming traffic and redirecting it back to its original direction. This mechanism aids in mitigating the potential for head-on collisions and assists in preventing accidents caused by vehicles veering into the opposite traffic flow.

How Do RIDOT Barrier Walls Control Traffic?

RIDOT barrier walls also help guide traffic through construction zones. By delineating lanes and creating a clear path for vehicles, they help prevent congestion and confusion, ensuring a smoother and safer passage for commuters.

RIDOT barrier walls are also strategically positioned to encourage drivers to reduce their speed when approaching construction zones. Their presence serves as a visual cue, prompting motorists to slow down and navigate these areas with caution.

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How Do RIDOT Barrier Walls Protect Workers and Pedestrians?

RIDOT barrier walls act as a protective defense for construction workers and equipment, shielding them from potential collisions with passing vehicles. This added layer of protection enhances the safety of those working in close proximity to active traffic.

In areas where pedestrians come close to traffic, RIDOT barrier walls provide a similar safeguard. They also create a boundary to prevent pedestrians from entering hazardous zones.

Can RIDOT Barrier Walls Be Removed and Resold?

Precast RIDOT barriers are used for a variety of temporary projects, including multi year highway and bridge projects, emergency work, inner city road projects, and much more. When precast barrier wall is used in a temporary application, it can be sold afterwards to another contractor! This allows the selling contractor to liquidate assets, and helps the buying contractor save money on materials!

Can I Buy a Used RIDOT Barrier Wall?

Yes. Buying used RIDOT barrier wall is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing performance.

RIDOT barriers are made to withstand heavy outdoor use and high-speed crashes, meaning they have excellent durability and can be resold and reused from project to project. Eiffel Trading’s online platform makes it easy to search locally approved RIDOT barrier walls near you and make an offer on the materials. New listings for RIDOT barrier walls are added to our marketplace daily, and you can use our search tool to find RIDOT barrier wall listings or create a free Wanted Listing to discover RIDOT barrier walls in your area.

Can I Sell My Used RIDOT Barrier Walls?

Yes. RIDOT barrier walls are durable and retain their value, meaning they can be resold to other projects in the state of Rhode Island after use, as long as they still meet state specifications. If you have unneeded RIDOT barriers left over from a project, there are many good reasons to sell the materials rather than store them indefinitely: you can make money to put toward your next project, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used barriers.

Eiffel Trading’s online platform makes it easy to sell your used RIDOT barrier walls. Our online marketplace puts your listing in front of buyers seeking your specific barriers while attracting potential industry buyers who are shopping for other materials and stumble upon yours in the process. Eiffel Trading allows you to list your barriers for free, set your price, sell for a profit, and retain your selling rights.

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