Are you bidding on a project? Learn how we saved a customer over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in two months on pipe piling, sheet piling, and a trestle system

The Project: Huge Improvement

Traffic in the Northeast United States is historically congested - add to that a functionally obsolete bridge and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, the contracting authority recognized the problem and submitted a bond authorization of $475M. The bid package included approach improvements, noise abatement walls, a pedestrian/bike path, an electronic toll system and a new 6-lane bridge.

Bidding the Smart Way

Prior to the bidding phase of the project, an ENR Top 400 contractor reached out to Eiffel Trading about the availability of secondary steel. They were planning to build temporary structures - cofferdams, retaining structures and an access trestle for a 330 ton crane. The team at Eiffel Trading immediately provided solutions of material that would be available to fit the timeline of the project.

When the bid date came, our customer was awarded the contract at just under $400M.

Immediate Realization of Savings

The contractor that won the project contacted Eiffel Trading to secure all of the temporary materials that were quoted at the time of the bid. The most important item was 1,500+ LF of access trestle for the 330 ton crane that they planning to use to build the bridge. To build a new access trestle of this size, it would have cost over $2.5M, which doesn’t include the design cost. The solution that was recommended by our team came in at just over $1M.

Bottom Line: By using our online marketplace to source access trestle, the contractor saved $1,500,000 - within the first two months of the project.

In addition to the access trestle, the contractor needed pipe piling to build the trestle. The contractor had received new mill pricing for the pipe piling which came out to approximately $385,000. Eiffel Trading's online marketing had a used pipe listing for $258,000 to cover their needs.

Bottom Line: By using our marketplace to source pipe piling, the contractor saved $126,000.

The final item the contractor needed in order to finish the procurement of their temporary materials was sheet piling. Used sheet piling can be a difficult material to locate - but not for us! We had plenty of options that the contractor’s engineers could use to design their cofferdams and retaining structures based on the used material availability. The new material would have cost the contractor in the neighborhood of $162,000.

Bottom Line: By using our marketplace to source sheet piling, the contractor saved $75,000.

Eiffel Trading - Your company's competitive advantage

Huge selection of options

When you are bidding your next project, give Eiffel Trading a call at 1-800-541-7998 or browse our marketplace - our large selection of quality used and surplus inventory will be your competitive advantage and win the project.

Consider us a part of your team

We will work with your estimating and engineering staff to build out a plan for optimizing used material in your temporary structures. Our marketplace has listings with projected availability dates so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. We have millions of pounds of steel that can help you save millions of dollars!

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