Customer Success Story - How does a project like the Tappan Zee Bridge (New NY Bridge) benefit from using an online marketplace for used material?

The story: An amazing bridge - designed and built by amazing companies

Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) is a company comprised of Fluor Enterprises, Inc., American Bridge Company, Granite Construction Northeast, Inc., and Traylor Bros., Inc. - widely recognized within the industry as some of the world's most ethical companies. Combining their local, national, and international experience, Tappan Zee Constructors received the contract to design and build the New NY Bridge in 2013, at a construction cost of approximately $3.98 billion.

The 3.1-mile twin span cable-stayed bridge with angled main span towers is the single largest bridge construction project in New York's history - revitalizing the Tappan Zee Toll Bridge that connects Rockland County to Westchester County over the Hudson River. Featuring 8 traffic lanes, wide shoulders, dedicated bicycle and pedestrian paths and a strict environmental performance commitment, the new bridge is an iconic bridge in America and one of the widest cable-stayed structures of its kind in the world.

The challenge: Liquidating construction projects is a tough job - and demobilization costs add up

TZC was struggling to liquidate their used material from this project. Additionally, TZC was using personnel to manage the liquidation - taking them away from the main purpose of the project.

TZC had approximately 860,000 lbs. of AZ19-700 sheet pile - and they had to incur de-mobilization costs to truck it to their storage yard - which typically range from $20,000 to $40,000.

Additionally, TZC had 1,420 linear feet of used access trestle designed for a 330 ton crane, which, unable to find a buyer, remained installed on the project.

The solution: Our used and surplus online marketplace connects heavy civil contractors to save buyers and sellers time and money

Eiffel Trading is an online marketplace used by heavy civil contractors to help them quickly liquidate used and surplus equipment and material. Our users list their inventory for free, and our marketplace platform gets to work finding buyers - fast. Oftentimes, using our Wanted feature, potential buyers tell us what they need for their project - such as sheet pile, wide flange beams, barges, trestle, foundation equipment, and more.

Result #1: Immediately found inventory for an Eiffel Trading customer

When a user on Eiffel Trading's marketplace needed approximately 860,000 lbs. of AZ19-700 sheet pile, we were able to connect that user with TZC - which resulted in an immediate transaction.

Result #2: Saved the buyer over $200,000 on their used sheet pile

Compared against listing their sheet pile with a broker, we were able to increase the salvage value by 10%, and we saved the buyer over $200,000 on their used sheet pile!

Result #3: Found a qualified buyer and saved customer $$$$$$ on demobilization costs

Due to the success of that transaction, TZC consulted Eiffel Trading to use our powerful marketplace to find a buyer for 1,420 linear feet of used access trestle designed for a 330 ton crane. We helped them set up the listing, and within a few months, we found a buyer - and they didn't have to incur any demobilization expenses. Additionally, thanks to Eiffel Trading's dedication to superior customer service, we assisted with freight quotes, negotiations, and inspection.

The bottomline: Our online marketplace will save your company time, money and resources

Our online marketplace for selling used equipment and material helped Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC find buyers for their sheet pile and trestle system. In fact, using our marketplace, TZC received an offer on both their sheet pile and trestle system within a few months! Their goal of saving money on costs is now a reality. Additionally, by selling this used material to another contractor and not scrapping it, they kept with their environmental commitment. As a result they can continue using Eiffel Trading while focusing on what they do best - building America.