25'2" Truckable Push Boat-1
  • 25'2" Truckable Push Boat-1
  • 25'2" Truckable Push Boat-2


25'2" Truckable Push Boat


USD $150,000.00

25'2" Truckable Push Boat for sale. Length: 25'2", Beam (hull): 10'2", Beam: (with sponsons) 16'2", Depth: 4'0". Truckable push boat made of steel with a single main engine, shaft, and propeller. Fitted with removable 3' wide watertight sponsons P/S that are the same length and depth as vessel. Also fitted with a removable control cab and overhead steel frame on forward deck holding a 3-ton hoist and trolley. Stored on land in yard. Please call 800-541-7998 or email sales@eiffeltrading.com to make an offer or for more information.

SKU: INV-00002772
Location: Southeast
Item Condition: Used

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