20' Jersey Barrier with JJ Hooks for Rent


USD $24.00 /LF

20' Jersey Barrier with JJ Hooks for Rent. Concrete barriers are made with concrete reinforced by steel mesh and rebar. They have JJ-Hooks connections on both ends and 1.25in diameter bolt down holes at 4ft spacing and approved for DOT in multiple states - including Tennessee (TN) and Alabama (AL). The option to purchase is also available. Price shown above is the rental pricing for 1-12 months and does not include shipping or tax. Pricing for additional time frames is as follows: 1-12 months: $22/LF + shipping and tax, 13-24 months: $44/LF + shipping & tax, 25-36 months: $66/LF + shipping & tax, 37-48 months: $88/LF + shipping & tax. Please call 800-541-7998 or email for more information.

SKU: INV-00002516
Location: Southeast
20' Jersey Barrier with JJ Hooks for Rent for 1-12 months 1 USD $24.00

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