12 Common Questions About Crane Access Trestles

Here are a few common questions about crane access trestle systems!

1. What is a crane access trestle?

A crane access trestle is a temporary bridge that can be installed and uninstalled quickly by the same cranes and excavators that the bridge later serves to support. Crane access trestles are used during bridge and marine construction and can be installed in place of barges to reduce a project’s environmental impact and provide a stable working platform for heavy equipment. They are comprised of steel pipe pile and steel beams.

2. What materials are crane access trestles made from?

Crane access trestles are made from a combination of steel pipe pile and steel beams such as wide flange beams. These elements are combined with a timber mat deck to make up the crane access trestle.

3. Can you install a crane access trestle in any location?

Crane access trestles are designed to work in shallow water. Using a crane access trestle as opposed to a barge in shallow water reduces environmental problems, since a significant amount of dredging is required to mount cranes on barges if the water is low. Crane access trestles are an excellent solution to this problem, as they can support heavy machinery in shallow water without any dredging required.

4. Why are crane access trestles better than barges in shallow water?

Crane access trestles reduce many of the setbacks associated with using barges in shallow water, making them a convenient alternative. Many regions do not allow contractors to dredge for more than three months out of the year, so if a substantial amount of dredging is required for a project, this limit can lead to project delays. Crane access trestles allow contractors to avoid such delays since they do not require dredging.

Crane access trestles also serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to barges. Using a barge in shallow water causes environmental problems since dredging is required to mount the cranes on barges. Dredging is disruptive to the environment, as it affects the habitat of river and marine life, disrupts ecosystems, contaminates water, encourages the breeding of harmful organisms, and pollutes the soil. When crane access trestles are used in place of dredging, these negative consequences can be avoided.

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5. Are crane access trestles affected by the tides?

No, crane access trestles are not affected by tidal range. This allows for more crane stability and enables workers to work without pausing for tide conditions.

6. Are crane access trestles uninstalled after use?

Yes and no. Usually, a crane access trestle is uninstalled after a project is complete. However, crane access trestles don’t need to be entirely uninstalled after use. Portions of the trestle can remain alongside bridges to allow for easier maintenance work and to function as maintenance docks, giving emergency vessels and boats better access to bridges in need of repair.

7. Should crane mats be used on a crane access trestle?

Often, it’s a good idea to install a crane mat on a crane access trestle. Crane mats are used on the decks of crane access trestles to provide a stable base for heavy equipment and to give the equipment a solid platform on which to work. Crane mats also protect the steel of the crane access trestle by creating a barrier between the trestle and the equipment it supports. Crane mats are installed directly onto the platform of a crane access trestle. Because all equipment and construction materials will be placed over the deck, steps should be taken to avoid allowing materials, soil, lubricants or fuels from falling between the decking. Often, a contractor will seal the gaps between the planks to prevent any spills. Sometimes plastic sheeting or filter fabric is used to keep contaminants from falling below the trestle.

8. Can I sell my used crane access trestle?

Yes, you can sell a used crane access trestle, and there are many good reasons why you should: you can recoup some of your original investment, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase their equipment used. Used crane access trestles hold their value well, which makes reselling them a smart choice. Eiffel Trading’s online platform makes it easy to list and sell your used access trestles.

9. What is the resale value of my used crane access trestle?

If you’re considering listing your used crane access trestle for sale, you’ll need to determine how much the trestle is worth. You can do this by evaluating a few factors specific to your trestle, including the trestle’s condition, where it’s located (for ease of access and transportation costs), the trestle’s prior applications, the versatility of its setup, and the current steel market prices. Selling used crane access trestle is a wonderful way to recoup project costs as well as save money by bypassing the expenses of transporting and storing the trestle system!

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10. What are the components of a crane access trestle?

A crane access trestle is comprised of driven pile bents spanned by wide flange beams, which carry the load weight. Some trestles are bolstered by bulkheads on either end to prevent shoreline erosion. Crane mats are also used with crane access trestles to provide a stable base for equipment and prevent damage to the trestle.

11. What size equipment can crane access trestles support?

Crane access trestles can support cranes and equipment weighing up to and over 330 tons. A typical installation of crane access trestles might extend a couple hundred feet to over 1,000 feet from the shoreline and is situated parallel from the marine structure under construction.

12. Should I buy a crane access trestle used?

Buying a used crane access trestle can help you save both time and money, since used trestles are more budget-friendly than new trestles and can often be obtained more quickly than those shipped from a manufacturer. Eiffel Trading’s online platform makes it easy to find and purchase used crane access trestles at a competitive price.

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