3 Benefits of Buying Barges and Dredges on an Online Marketplace

There are some key differences between a barge and dredge broker and an online marketplace that helps sell barges and dredges. These differences matter to both buyers and sellers. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how buying your barges and dredges on an online marketplace can benefit you as opposed to buying from a broker. Here are three reasons to consider the alternative of an online marketplace:

1. An online marketplace is more transparent about pricing.

Go to any typical brokers’ site and you’ll see countless listings without prices. On an online marketplace, there will typically only be a few listings without prices due to special circumstances. The more prices you see up front, the better. Transparency about pricing means you don’t end up paying more than necessary because a broker tried to make an extra profit on a barge or dredge with no price listed.

2. Chances are, you’ll save money.

Brokers only specialize in selling one thing, which often means price hikes for buyers and commission hikes for sellers. They want to make the highest profit possible because they have fewer options for making profits. At Eiffel Trading Company, we’re typically able to save buyers money and help sellers increase their profits. We’re able to do this because we sell a lot of different things and focus on delivering the most value to everyone involved.

3. Listings come straight from sellers.

Typically, brokers ask that sellers send them pictures and information of barges and dredges that they then upload and post on their sites or that they advertise using other print channels. This can be a slow process. A seller may already be close to selling a barge or dredge once a broker starts advertising it. Marketplaces use the latest technology to allow sellers to upload listings themselves. This means listings get to the public faster, and buyers are more likely to know the full details and status of a barge or dredge when they find it on a marketplace.

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