3 Ways to Get More from Selling Your Pipe Pile Online

The term “pipe pile” consists of seamless, welded, or spiral-welded steel pipe driven into the ground. It is often employed to create deep foundations to transfer loads from heavy structures and buildings, such as highways, bridges, and large commercial buildings. Pipe piles are driven into deep layers of ground, and they resist load pressure by enabling both skin friction and point bearing. Pipe pile may be open-ended or closed-ended and is frequently filled with concrete to enhance its ability to bear loads.

Some of the specific applications in which pipe pile may be used include: bridge foundations, column foundations, building foundations, marine construction foundations, offshore construction foundations, highway foundations, and oilfield construction foundations. Pipe pile is quite adaptable, which makes it an appealing choice in a variety of industries. Because of this, there are always buyers interested in purchasing pipe pile, including used pipe pile and surplus pipe pile. Buying pipe pile on the used market is a way to save money without sacrificing quality for many.

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How to Successfully Sell Your Pipe Pile

If you have surplus pipe pile you’re looking to have taken off your hands, you may have decided to give selling a try. Selling can be a fairly simple and painless endeavor if you make the right calls. If you want to increase the chances of a smooth selling experience, here are three tips you should consider:

1. Increase Your Profit by Avoiding Global Marketplaces

There are some major downsides to selling on massive global marketplaces that do not specialize in used and surplus steelx. First of all, you’ll likely have to sell your pipe pile for the lowest possible price because users on global marketplaces expect bargain basements prices and are willing to sacrifice quality for them. Another con of selling on a global marketplace is that you will likely have to pay for your listing unless you already pay a membership fee. Ideally, you should sell your pipe pile on a national rather than global marketplace where you can name your own price, list for free, and reach a smaller but more targeted audience willing to pay extra in exchange for quality. Eiffel Trading works in North America and specializes in structural steel – including used and surplus pipe pile.

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2. Price Based on Market Value

You don’t want to price too high because you should assume buyers have done their research and don’t want to pay above market value. You also shouldn’t price too low (unless your goal is just to sell ultra-fast, which is still a great option!). Don’t be afraid to ask for what your pipe pile is worth. If you list on the right type of marketplace that targets the right kind of buyers, you should be able to get market value for your used pipe pile.

3. Retain Your Selling Rights.

Auction sites might ask you to hand over your selling rights. Don’t do this! You should be able to list/advertise your pipe pile on multiple channels to increase the reach of your product. An online marketplace like Eiffel trading allows you to keep your selling rights and extend your reach to potential customers.

The right choices when selling your pipe pile can make all the difference. Consider the tips above to get the most out of your selling experience!

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As mentioned earlier, Eiffel Trading specializes in structural steel. In addition to used pipe pile, we also offer used sheet pile, used w-beams, used crane access trestle, used steel plates, and much more!

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