4 Options for Selling Your Secondary Wide Flange Beams

Are you at a loss as to what to do with those wide flange beams you don’t need anymore? Here are four possible options for getting rid of them and making a profit, some of which are better options than others:

1. Sell them to a scrap metal recycler.

This is an ok option if you want to get rid of your beams quickly. It’s not the best option for making a profit, though. Scrap metal recyclers often pay you far below market value for your materials. Keep this in mind and decide if you can wait a little longer and pursue a more profitable option.

2. List on a global trade platform.

Sites like Alibaba allow you to sell secondary materials like wide flange beams. Unfortunately, these sites also typically charge you to list or become a regular seller. Additionally, they price materials low so they’ll sell faster. Ultimately, they’re not the best choice unless you’ve already paid for a membership that entitles you to complimentary listings.

3. Sell to an online beam seller.

The way this typically works is that you contact the seller, and they provide you with a quote for what they’re willing to pay for your beams. In most cases, they also offer under market value for your materials. They’re usually small, mom and pop operations that have to offer you less out of necessity for their bottom line.

4. List on an online marketplace for contractors.

An online marketplace for contractors that allows you to list a variety of different secondary equipment and materials is, in our opinion, your best bet. This type of marketplace will allow you to pick your price, sell for a fair price, and retain your selling rights. It will also help you attract potential industry buyers who are shopping for other materials and stumble upon yours in the process. This can mean a quicker sale and faster profit.

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