4 Reasons to List Your Crane Mats Instead of Selling Them at Auction

Looking to get the most bang for your buck for your used crane mats? Ditch the auction scene, and consider listing them online. Here are some good reasons to list your crane mats and reconsider selling them at auction:

1. You name the price.

You won’t be paid less than market rate for your crane mats, as is common at unreserved auctions. At unreserved auctions, the goods go to the highest bidder, regardless of how low their bid is. This can be risky, particularly when you’re selling materials like crane mats, which are expected to be priced lower than the rest of the heavy equipment typically sold at auctions.

2. You get to keep your selling rights.

When your crane mats go up for auction, you don’t have the option to advertise that you’re selling them anywhere else. In unreserved auctions, this means you definitely might not find a buyer who’s willing to pay you the price you expect, but you’re still locked in to selling to them. In reserved auctions, this means your crane mats could be up for auction for an extended period of time before you find a seller because you didn’t have an opportunity to advertise anywhere else.

3. There’s no listing fee.

When you list your crane mats and other materials with sites like Eiffel Trading, there’s never any listing fee. Popular online auction options often charge a fee to list, which cuts into your profits from a sale.

4. Your crane mats will be sold to the most interested buyers.

They’ll be sold to buyers who are searching specifically for crane mats online, instead of just auction attendees looking to get a good deal on goods. At Eiffel Trading, we optimize our website to target the right buyers looking for materials just like yours. This benefits both buyers and sellers. In short, we help you find each other.