4 Ways to Earn More from Selling Your Crane Access Trestle Online

A crane access trestle system is a temporary bridge made of steel used to enable marine construction. Because trestle systems are not meant to be permanent, they’re commonly uninstalled and resold after a project is complete. If you have a trestle system that’s out of service, there are many benefits to selling the equipment rather than holding onto it indefinitely: you can make money, save storage space, take advantage of the high demand for steel, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used equipment. However, there are a few important steps every seller should take to ensure they’re making the most money for their used crane access trestle. Here, we outline four tips for effectively selling your trestle system online.

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1. Avoid selling your crane access trestle on a global goods marketplace.

Global powerhouse websites may seem convenient, but because they sell on such a large scale, the quality of their inventory is generally lower. This drives down the price of goods and encourages sellers to list their crane access trestles for the cheapest price possible. Global goods marketplaces also charge sellers to list their products (which cuts into your profits) and can take days to push listings live, especially if you don’t pay extra for a membership through their platform. For these reasons, selling through a global goods marketplace is not a good way to earn the most for your crane access trestle.

When you list your crane access trestle on Eiffel Trading, you’ll have the opportunity to target contractors who are looking for a trestle with your exact specifications. Our enhanced search tools and niche market ensures every listing gets the attention it deserves, which in turn drives up the value. Due to the average quality of products sold on our platform, sellers can expect to earn a fair price for their goods.

2. Pay attention to site quality before you list your crane access trestle for sale online.

As you’re researching sites to list your crane access trestle, you’ll find some sites are easy to navigate while others are confusing or out of date. If it’s difficult for you to find your way around a website, it will be difficult for buyers to discover your listing, since site quality can reflect things like how fast your listing goes up and how well your materials are marketed to potential customers. Furthermore, if a site is out of date, it will seem less trustworthy to a potential buyers, which can deter them from making a purchase. Don’t waste your time listing your crane access trestle on low quality websites. Rather, it’s best to stick with sites that are presentable, up to date, trustworthy, and easy to navigate.

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3. Price your crane access trestle according to the market.

Choosing an appropriate price for your used crane access trestle is an important part of the selling process. Here are some tips to help you determine a price that will move your trestle system most effectively:

  • Estimate the trestle’s value based on its condition. To determine the overall condition of your used crane access trestle, consider the trestle’s age, visual signs of wear, damage, and the overall standard of construction. Trestles in better condition can be sold for a higher price, while trestles with more wear should be discounted.

  • Look at listings of other crane access trestles in a similar physical condition and region to yours and note their asking prices.

  • Consider the manufacturer, model, and any extra features that differentiate your access trestle from the competition.

  • Consider the trestle’s prior applications. Different types of water can cause more wear to access trestles than others and should be reflected in the price.

  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes; what is the maximum price you’d pay for your used access trestle?

  • Still need help? When you choose to list on Eiffel Trading, our staff is always available to help you determine a competitive listing price.

4. Avoid auction sites to keep your rights and sell to the most interested buyer.

When your crane access trestle goes up for auction, you’re giving up the opportunity to advertise your trestle to a wider market. In unreserved auctions, this drastically lowers your odds of landing a buyer who’s willing to pay a fair price. In reserved auctions, your access trestle could be up for auction for much longer than you’d expected or intended, simply because the pool of buyers is much smaller and will therefore take longer to find a match. In both situations, you’ll find yourself with your hands tied when you could have instead kept your selling rights by listing your access trestle for sale directly to the consumer.

In addition to selling rights, when you sell your trestle at auction, it’s unlikely it will go to the buyer who needs that specific trestle for their project (and is therefore willing to pay more). Rather, your trestle will be sold to an auction attendee looking to get a good deal, who may later flip the trestle for a profit themselves. At Eiffel Trading, we optimize our website to target the right buyers looking for crane access trestles just like yours and in a nearby region. This enables you to earn more for your trestle system, since interested buyers will see the value in what you’re selling.

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