4 Ways to Get More from Selling Your Secondary Sheet Pile Online

What are you going to do with all of that hot rolled sheet pile or cold formed sheet pile you don’t need anymore? Selling it is a great idea, and selling it online is an even greater one, in terms of convenience. However, there’s a science to selling your sheet pile and other materials online. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your selling experience:

1. Avoid selling on a global goods marketplace.

Sites like Alibaba will help you sell your sheet pile for the lowest price possible. They sell anything and everything on a global scale. This usually means lower quality for consumers and less profit for sellers. They also typically charge you to list and take longer to post your items, especially if you don’t pay for listings or a membership. Selling your sheet pile on a marketplace that specifically targets contractors means you’re targeting the right audience. It also means your listing gets the attention it deserves because the marketplace isn’t too big for it to fly under the radar.

2. Check site quality before you list.

As you’re searching for sites where you can list your sheet pile, you may find some that specialize in selling sheet pile specifically that look like they haven’t been updated by the site owner in a while. Although it doesn’t necessarily hurt to list your materials on these sites, it may not necessarily be the best use of your time and effort. Site quality can reflect things like how fast your listing goes up and how well your materials are marketed to potential customers, so consider only listing on sites that look presentable.

3. Price according to market value.

There’s no need to lower your price or settle for less. The right buyer will come, particularly if the site you list on markets itself well to industry buyers. On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t price above the market value of your sheet pile.

4. Keep your selling rights.

Auction sites and other types of listing sites may request that you hand over your selling rights. This means you can’t advertise your sheet pile anywhere else. Options like Eiffel Trading Company allow you to retain your selling rights, which means you have the freedom to pursue other channels for selling your secondary materials while we also help find you a buyer.

Now’s a great time to try to sell your secondary sheet pile. Learn more about listing with us!