5 Reasons to List Your Pipe Pile Instead of Selling at an Auction

Pipe pile is a variety of steel pipe that can be welded, seamless, or spiral-welded. It’s utilized in the construction of deep foundations for big structures and buildings, helping to transfer large and heavy loads and give them secure footing. Pipe piles are driven using machinery like vibratory hammers deep into the ground. Their deep underground positioning as well as their point bearing and skin friction allow them to resist load pressure.

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Pipe pile comes in handy for the following applications (and more): marine construction foundations, column foundations, bridge foundations, highway foundations, offshore construction, and oilfield construction. Pipe pile is tough, durable, and highly adaptable, which makes it a hot commodity on the new and used markets. Steel prices are currently quite high, and there are numerous buyers looking to save money by purchasing used and surplus pipe pile on the used market.

List Your Pipe Pile for These 5 Reasons

As we mentioned, there are tons of interested buyers looking to save some money by purchasing pipe pile on the used market. You may be tempted to sell your pipe pile at auction, but there are some compelling reasons to skip the auction and list it on a marketplace instead. Here are five of them:

1. You’ll Get to Hold onto Your Selling Rights

When you sell at an auction, you don’t get to advertise your pipe pile anywhere else. This limits its reach to potential buyers. If, on the other hand, you list your pipe pile on a marketplace like Eiffel Trading that allows you to retain your selling rights, you’re free to list and advertise your pipe on as many other channels as you desire. This allows your used pipe pile to get as much exposure as possible!

2. You Pick the Price

At unreserved auctions, the highest bidder wins, no matter how minimal their bid. This means you could end up selling your used pipe pile for way less than it’s worth. Don’t risk this if you don’t have to! You should always be paid fairly for your materials if possible.

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3. There Are No Time Limitations

Auctions are most often subject to time constraints, which translates to less time for you to find an interested buyer. Sometimes this means you'll be forced to accept a lowball offer because of time constraints. When you list on a marketplace like Eiffel Trading, your listing will remain on the site until you find a buyer, for however long it takes. And you won’t have to compromise on price to try to sell faster.

4. You Won’t Have to Pay Fees

Some auctions require you pay a fee to sell individual items, while others require you pay a membership fee on a regular basis to participate in auctions. Either way, you end up paying more than if you list your pipe pile on a marketplace that doesn’t charge you to do so.

5. You’ll Be Matched Up with the Right Buyers

Auction bidders may not even be looking for pipe pile and instead simply be looking for a good deal. When you list on a high-quality marketplace, buyers specifically in need of used pipe pile are targeted. You benefit from the robust marketing efforts and targeted approach of the marketplace, which means you’ll find buyers who are interested in paying a fair price for what they’re seeking.

So, why auction off your pipe pile when listing it comes with far greater benefits? List your pipe pile with Eiffel Trading today, and get the most from your sale!

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Other Materials Available

In addition to used pipe pile, Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace also boasts used steel sheet pile, used steel plates, used concrete barrier wall, used access trestle, and much more.

All of our listings are constantly being updated, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, create a wanted listing.

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