5 Tips for Selling Used Crane Access Trestle

Crane Access Trestle also called Crane Trestle or Work Bridges are extremely useful tools for any heavy-civil or marine contractor. They are primarily designed based on the maximum load for the largest crane to work from a single span, however they are able to support much more than just cranes. For example, you will be able to setup concrete pump trucks, manlifts and other general support equipment. Access Trestles allow contractors to get this equipment over swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes, streams or any other hard to access locations.

Sell crane access trestle

Selling Crane Access Trestle is a relatively easy task at the end of a project – here are the 5 things you’ll need to track down to make a sale go smoothly:

1. Design Drawings

This will help the buyer know the exact make-up of the system – how wide and long each span can make all the difference in finding the right Buyer.

2. Design Calculations

One of the benefits of finding a used Crane Access Trestle is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel – most systems have calculations that can be shared and referenced for the Buyer’s designer to save precious design hours saving time and money!

3. Take-Off List

An accurate take-off list will show the prospective Buyer exactly what pieces are on the project site so they can cross reference against the drawings to ensure enough material is available for their need.

Crane access trestle for sale

4. Plenty of Pictures

A picture is worth all the design calculations and drawings so the Buyer can get an idea of the relative condition of the steel and to get an idea if they’ll need to do any modifications for any pitted or scaling steel sections.

5. Asking Price

When it comes to pricing used access trestle from a Seller’s perspective, you’ve got to consider that the Buyer is most likely not going to have the exact same scenario you do and will have to put some time and money into modifying the system. Not to mention the huge expense to move the system to their project location. Having the right price can mean the difference between selling the trestle as you remove it or having to move and handle it several times.

When it comes time to Sell your Used Crane Access Trestle, Eiffel Trading is here to help. When you are about 6 months away from pulling the first access trestle span – if we have the information above, we can help get your trestle sold to the next contractor and load it out as you’re removing it!

We’ve worked on several high-profile project demobilizing their access trestles with optimal efficiency. A couple of the noteworthy projects we helped demobilize are the access trestles from the Tappan Zee Bridge, Goethals Bridge and Bonner Bridge. Let our experience and marketplace do the work for you!

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