6 Benefits of Using a Crane Access Trestle

Crane access trestles are excellent options for setting up cranes in bridge construction and marine projects, and they are now replacing barges in several major projects that hope to reduce their environmental impact. Access trestle is essentially a temporary bridge that can be constructed and taken down quickly, oftentimes by cranes and excavators that it later serves to support. It typically consists of driven pile bents, I-beams, and a timber mat deck. Here are six key benefits of crane access trestles:

1. Trestles are better suited for shallow water. Typically, barges work best in deep areas, like the middle of rivers. A significant amount of dredging is required to mount cranes on barges in shallow water. This results in unnecessary environmental damage. Crane access trestles, on the other hand, offer the stability and support heavy machinery needs to get the job done, without requiring dredging.

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2. Trestles reduce dredging-related downtime. Many areas limit dredging to three-month or less periods per year. If a substantial amount of dredging is required for a project, this can result in project delays that can be avoided with trestles. Ultimately, trestles also reduce project costs due to delays and the overall cost of dredging.

3. They help minimize red tape and regulatory hassles associated with dredging. Getting approval for dredging activities can be time-consuming and frustrating. With the use of trestle instead of barges, some projects can avoid dredging entirely. This means less legal work and worry about red tape.

4. They aren’t affected by tidal range. This allows for more stability and work that’s uninterrupted by unexpected weather conditions and changes in tide.

5. Portions of trestles can remain after a project’s completion. This is an added benefit of using them. Once a project is finished, portions of trestles can remain alongside bridges to allow for easier maintenance work and to function as maintenance docks, allowing emergency vessels and boats better and more efficient access to bridges in need of repair.

6. With the help of bulkheads, they prevent coastal erosion related to bridge construction. Bulkheads function as walls that prevent soil from sifting into rivers as a result of construction. This is another key way the use of trestle can be eco-friendlier than the use of barges.

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As mentioned, dredging can have serious environmental impacts on affected areas. Sometimes dredging is the only way to get the job done, but solutions like crane access trestle can help minimize dredging and minimize environmental damage. Some of the known negative impacts of dredging include:

• Altered soil deposits in the affected bodies of water, which results in destruction of natural habitats of river and marine life and disrupted ecosystems.

• Changes in turbidity of the soil under the water, which can lean to contamination and breeding of harmful and unwanted organisms.

• The spread of contaminated materials to the entire body of water.

• Polluted water as the result of contaminated soil.

Another issue for long-term projects is that dredging sometimes has to be repeated, which magnifies damage. Over time, rivers naturally return to the state that they were in before they were dredged, which necessitates repeating of the process. Many dredging-related headaches can be avoided with the use of crane access trestles, which is why trestles are becoming more and more popular for projects that aim to protect the environment and avoid regulatory frustrations and slowdowns. Barges are still often ideal for use in deep water, but crane access trestles may make the most sense for shallow areas. It’s also helpful to note that crane access trestles can be reused for future projects. Once a project is complete, trestles can be sold or repurposed for future projects, further proving their overall value and longevity in bridge and marine construction.


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