7 Advantages of Driven Pile

When it comes to foundation solutions, driven pile is a champ in comparison to other deep foundation and shallow foundation options. It easily beats foundation options like pad foundations, earthbag foundations, rubble trench foundations, and screwpiles in terms of durability, support, and overall strength. Here are seven specific benefits of driven pile:

  1. There are multiple types of driven pile to suit the unique needs of your project. Driven piles can be made of steel in the form of h-pile, tapered, shell, pipe, and sheet pile. They can be made of concrete in square, cylinder, or octagonal shapes. And they can be made of timber in various shapes and configurations.
  2. Driven piles save you money. You don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment to get the job done, and with dynamic pile testing, you can easily forecast how much driven pile you need for specific jobs without some of the guesswork associated with other foundation options. This means you don’t end up having to invest in anything beyond basic pile driving equipment, and you don’t have to invest in any more materials than you need.
  3. They’re ultra-durable. During installation, they retain their shape. And they don’t move when placed in soft soil or break under the pressure of heavy loads.
  4. Hammers and other pile driving equipment ensure quality. When you’re driving pile, the hammer you’re using will most likely have a velocity measurement feature that will allow you to ensure quality and proper placement. Engineers have gotten pile driving down to an exact science, and that means the quality of your project will be high.
  5. Driven piles often increase load capacity after installation. This is what engineers call “setup,” and it’s something that happens after your driven piles have been installed for a while. It improves the longevity of your foundation and helps prevent future repair costs.
  6. They also work well for marine projects. The fact that driven piles do not require special casings or waiting times while concrete dries makes them perfect for offshore and near shore projects. They can be driven into the water or soft soil and used right away.
  7. They’re eco-friendly too. Driven piles create little, if any, debris or waste. They also don’t require the use of any dangerous materials or substances. Once pile is driven, cleanup is easy, and the carbon footprint is negligible.
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