Are Crane Mats Used on Crane Access Trestles?

A crane access trestle is a temporary steel platform that can be constructed and taken down quickly, oftentimes by the same cranes and excavators that it later serves to support. Crane access trestles are used during bridge and marine construction projects and can replace barges to reduce a project’s environmental impact.

Crane access trestles are often used in conjunction with crane mats (also known as timber crane mats, swamp mats or timber mats), which are mats made of heavy-duty wooden planks placed on the trestle deck to protect the steel and to provide a stable platform for the machinery to function. Crane mats have excellent loadbearing capabilities to support the weight of heavy machinery.

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Why should you use crane mats on a crane access trestle?

Crane mats are used on the decks of crane access trestles to provide access for heavy equipment and to give the equipment a solid and stable platform on which to work. Crane mats also protect the steel of the crane access trestle by creating a barrier between the trestle and the equipment it supports.

Can crane mats support the weight of equipment on a crane access trestle?

Yes, crane mats are designed for use on many projects that involve heavy equipment, including crane access trestles. More often than not, if you find a crane access trestle then you will also find crane mats protecting it.

How are crane mats used on crane access trestles?

Crane mats are installed directly onto the decking of a crane access trestle. Because all equipment and construction materials will be placed over the deck, steps should be taken to avoid allowing materials, soil, lubricants or fuels from falling between the decking. Often, a contractor will seal the gaps between the planks to prevent any spills. Sometimes plastic sheeting or filter fabric is used to keep contaminants from falling below the trestle.

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What type of wood are crane mats made of?

Crane mats can be made from many types of wood including Douglas Fir, oak and mixed hardwood. The ends of crane mats can be painted with wax lumber.

How large are crane mats that are installed on crane access trestles?

The most common timber used for trestle decking is 12x12x30 foot timbers combined into five-timber mats. These five-mat groups are moved together by rigging to increase efficiency. The timbers are bolted together with through-rods and have picking points so they can be moved with a crane as well as a forklift.

How long do crane mats last when used on a crane access trestle?

Crane mats that are installed on crane access trestles have good longevity. Most crane mats can be used on an ongoing basis for about five years, and it’s common to move a crane mat from one project to the next, depending on the duration and intensity of use.

What are the grades of crane mats?

Crane mats can be graded either Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C and can also be between ratings (Grade AB and Grade BC). Grade A mats are in like-new condition. Grade B mats have minor wear and tear that does not impact their ability to function, but still have a shorter working life than Grade A. Grade C mats have more significant damage but are still useable in some applications that do not require quality mats.

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