Casey's Customer Success Story: HP14x89 Beams

Last month, a customer reached out to list four truckloads of HP14x89 beams on our online marketplace.

Account manager Casey Zelaya knew exactly who to call! Casey’s customer was already in the market for HP14x89 beams, and was excited to jump at the opportunity to purchase used beams instead of his other option - brand new from the mill. By purchasing used beams, this customer was able to save around $25,000 AND receive the beams on site before the new option was ready to ship. Check out a few wins below!

Wins for the buyer:

  • Saved ~$25,000 on this purchase
  • Shorter lead time than purchasing brand new h-pile beams
  • Delivered on site within two weeks of listing

Wins for the seller:

  • Sold beams so quickly that they did not even make it onto our website!
  • Material out of yard within two weeks - clearing up valuable yard space
  • Money in hand within THREE days

At Eiffel Trading, we consider this a successful deal! Cheers to all involved.

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