Eiffel 101: 3 Reasons to Sell Your Used F-Shape Barriers

F-shape barriers are a type of concrete barrier used to separate lanes of traffic and stop head-on collisions while also minimizing damage to incoming vehicles. Because barrier walls can be uninstalled and resold after a project is finished, there’s an active market of interested buyers looking for used F-shape barriers.

If you have F-shape barriers left over from a project or newly uninstalled barriers from a previous application, there are many good reasons to sell the materials rather than hold onto them indefinitely: you can make money, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used barriers.

Eiffel Trading’s marketplace allows you to list your F-shape barriers for free, set your price, sell for a profit, and retain your selling rights. We put your listing in front of buyers who are interested in your materials and will help you attract potential industry buyers who are shopping for other materials and stumble upon yours in the process. This can mean a quicker sale and faster profit. Listing your precast F-shape barriers on our online platform requires minimal effort, and your materials will not leave your possession until the sale is complete. When you sell F-shape barriers on Eiffel Trading, you’ll never pay a listing or commission fee! Win-win.

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Why You Should Sell Your Used F-shape barriers

Sell Your Used F-Shape Barriers to Make Money

Because of their durability and cost savings, there’s an active market of interested buyers looking to purchase used F-shape barriers rather than purchasing the barriers new. Potential buyers enter the market every day, and by listing your used barriers for sale on our marketplace, you’ll be able to connect with these shoppers, sell your used barrier wall, and earn money. This is especially valuable if you’re moving on to another project, or if you’re looking for a way to recoup some of your original investment.

Sell Your Used F-Shape Barriers to Save Storage Space

Often, storage space for large materials such as F-shape barriers can be limited and expensive to maintain, especially if you have to store your barriers in an offsite yard. By selling your used F-shape barriers, you’ll reduce your required storage space, which can save you money, time, and resources.

Sell Your F-Shape Barrier to Help Other Contractors

Because of the high price of precast barrier wall and high demand for used barriers, many buyers struggle to obtain the materials needed to move forward on their projects. If you have unneeded F-shape barriers, consider listing them for sale. Not only will you take advantage of the market, but you’ll be helping out a contractor who could be relying on the purchase.

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Tips for Selling Used F-Shape Barriers

As soon as you’ve decided to sell your used F-shape barriers, there are a few tips to consider in order to make the most of your barrier wall listing.

1) Price Your F-Shape Barriers Based on Their Condition

When selling used F-shape barrier wall, there are a few metrics you can use to determine the barrier’s value, which can help you price the equipment well and sell it quickly. One of these factors is the barriers’ condition. To determine the overall condition of your used F-shape barriers, consider their age, visual signs of wear, and damage. Barriers in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while barriers with more wear should be more discounted. Take note of whether the barriers need any patching, if their hardware is in-tact, etc.

2) Take Photos of Your F-Shape Barriers in Good Light

By taking high quality photos of your F-shape barriers, potential buyers will get a better idea of what you’re offering and will therefore be more likely to act if interested. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take high quality photos—bright daylight and a clean phone lens works well. Aim to take multiple photos from different angles of various pieces of barrier wall to ensure you’re showcasing your F-shape barriers in their entirety.

3) Be Upfront About Defects

It’s never a good idea to try and trick potential buyers into overlooking defects. Instead, be upfront about any abnormalities, cracks, or chips in your used F-shape barriers and price them accordingly. In addition, it is always helpful to note the condition of any available hardware.

4) Consider Your Location

Concrete barrier wall is heavy, meaning it can be expensive to ship long distance. Therefore, barrier wall is typically sold within a shorter radius than other material types. This means that if you’re selling barrier wall in a remote location, buyer’s will more than likely be paying a premium to purchase your material and ship it to their project. Potential shipping costs are a factor to keep in mind when pricing your used traffic barrier.

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