Eiffel 101: 4 Tips for Buying Steel Beams

When purchasing steel beam, it’s important to price out both new and used options, take freight rates into account, and consider your project’s timing.

1. Price Out New and Used Options

New steel beam is beam that’s sold directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Conversely, used steel beam does not come directly from the manufacturer, but rather from a job site or other location where it’s been previously used. Though used steel can include wear and tear, it can also be brand new or like new.

If you’re in the market for steel beam, it’s a good idea to price out both new and used options. While many builders automatically choose new steel beam, used steel beam is often a viable, cost-effective choice. At Eiffel Trading, we offer both brand new and used inventory. Our account managers can price out both new and used options, so that you can select the best fit for your project needs!

2. Contact Eiffel Trading’s Account Managers for Freight Rates

Eiffel Trading partners with freight brokers to offer our customers the most efficient freight for a competitive price! In order to obtain the most accurate pricing, contact Eiffel Trading’s account managers to request your free freight estimate.

Steel beams: wide flange, h-oile, and more

3. Consider Your Project’s Timing

Before purchasing steel beams, it’s important to consider timing, both for the project and for the production of the beam. If you’re purchasing new beam, you’ll need to account for the manufacturing time. Similarly, for used beam, you’ll need to consider loading and transportation times. In both scenarios, purchasing steel beam either too soon or too late can lead to unnecessary hassle and expense.

4. Let Us Help You Choose the Right Steel Beam Option

Not sure which steel beam option is right for your project? Want to ensure you’re choosing steel beams that fit your needs and your budget? Eiffel Trading offers a wide selection of both new and used steel beam at competitive prices. Contact us today, and we can help you choose the steel beam that’s right for you.

Common Steel Beam for Sale

Steel beams are sold in a range of wide flange beam and h-pile sizes. The chart below outlines many of the most common dimensions:

  • W8: W8x18, W8x21, W8x24, W8x28, W8x31, W8x35, W8x40, W8x48, W8x58, W8x67

  • W10: W10x22, W10x26, W10x30, W10x33, W10x39, W10x45, W10x49, W10x54, W10x60, W10x68, W10x77, W10x88, W10x100, W10x112

  • W12: W12x26, W12x30, W12x35, W12x40, W12x45, W12x50, W12x53, W12x58 ,W12x65, W12x72, W12x79, W12x87, W12x96, W12x106, W26x120, W12x136, W12x152, W12x170, W12x190, W12x210, W12x230, W12x252

  • W14: W14x22, W14x26, W14x30, W14x34, W14x38, W14x43, W14x48, W14x53, W14x61, W14x68, W14x74, W14x82, W14x90, W14x99, W14x109, W14x120, W14x132, W14x145, W14x159, W14x176, W14x193, W14x211, W14x233, W14x257, W14x283

  • W16: W16x26, W16x31, W16x36, W16x40, W16x45, W16x50, W16x57, W16x67, W16x77, W16x89, W16x100

  • W18: W18x35, W18x40, W18x46, W18x50, W18x55, W18x60, W18x65, W18x71, W18x76, W18x86, W18x97, W18x106, W18x119, W18x130, W18x143, W18x158, W18x175, W18x192, W18x211, W18x234

  • W21: W21x44, W21x50, W21x57, W21x58, W21x55, W21x62, W21x68, W21x73, W21x83, W21x93, W21x101, W21x111, W21x122, W21x132, W21x147, W21x166, W21x182, W21x201, W21x223, W21x248, W21x275

  • W24: W24x55, W24x62, W24x68, W24x76, W24x84, W24x94, W24x103, W24x204, W24x117, W24x131, W24x146, W24x162, W24x176, W24x192, W24x207, W24x229

  • W27: W27x84, W27x94, W27x102, W27x114, W27x129, W27x146, W27x161, W27x178, W27x194

  • W30: W30x90, W30x99, W30x108, W30x116, W30x124, W30x132, W30x148

  • W33: W33x118, W33x130, W33x141, W33x152, W33x169

  • W36: W36x135, W36x150, W36x160, W36x170, W36x182, W36x194, W36x210, W36x232, W36x256

  • HP8: HP8x36

  • HP10: HP10x42, HP10x57

  • HP12: HP12x53, HP12x63, HP12x74, HP12x84, HP12x89, HP12x102, HP12x117

  • HP14: HP14x73, HP14x89, HP14x102, HP14x117

  • HP16: HP16x88, HP16x101, HP16x121, HP16x141, HP16x162, HP16x183


All brand new steel beams sold by Eiffel Trading are melted and manufactured in the U.S. to meet Buy America standards.


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