Eiffel 101: 4 Types of Truckable Vessels

Truckable vessels are an appealing option for marine construction, bridge construction, and dredging projects. These vessels can easily and efficiently be transported using 18-wheelers. This feature significantly simplifies what it takes to get them from one area to another, and it helps reduce the costs associated with transport. Truckable vessels are versatile and can be used for numerous applications. They are also easy to sell and are built to last, which makes them an enticing option for buyers who are hoping to save some money by buying used. Below are three of the most popular types of truckable vessels with some information about their possible uses:

1. Sectional Barges –

These are also sometimes referred to as “truckable barges.” They are made up of modules or sections that connect with one another to create desired sizes of platforms. Sectional barges are popular for bridge construction, dredging, and marine projects. Ideal platforms for cranes and other heavy equipment, sectional barges serve as reliable floating work platforms when they are in use. They are designed to easily be stacked atop 18-wheelers. This simplifies their transport considerably in comparison to other types of barges. Poseidon and Flexifloat are the two top manufacturers of sectional barges. The sections that make up sectional barges are typically designed to attach to each other with the use of pins/bolts or built-in locking systems.

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2. Truckable Push Boats –

A truckable push boat is a push boat that is sized and engineered for truck transport with either a detachable or hinged pilot house. Like any push boat, a truckable push boat pushes large vessels to desired locations in rivers and inland waterways. In comparison to other push boats, truckable push boats come with the added benefit of simplified transport due to their size and design. The typical size of truckable push boats is up to 25’ in length and around 10’ to 15’ in width. Their single screw or twin-screw engines can produce between 200 hp and 1000 hp, making them an attractive option for many projects involving the transportation of non-self-propelled large vessels in inland water areas.

3. Truckable Tugboats –

Truckable tugboats are quite similar to truckable push boats except they pull larger vessels instead of push. Like truckable push boats, truckable tugboats are small enough in size to be transported using a truck. Sections of truckable tugboats may detach to make them easier to load onto trucks. The pilot houses of truckable tugboats are either detachable or hinged (able to be lowered down to lay flat on the surface of the boat).

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4. Truckable Spud Barges –

Truckable spud barges are a type of barge with several “spuds”, that can be driven into the floor of the waterway and used as stakes to anchor the vessel. While spud barges vary greatly in size, truckable spud barges are easily transportable by truck. In addition to their spuds, spud barges are known for their wide, flat deck. The combination of the spuds and flat deck provide a stable working platform for small equipment.

Final Thoughts

Truckable vessels can help you cut transport costs for your project and simplify one important aspect of your project. If you’re looking to invest in a truckable vessel, there are both new and used options available on the market. Finding one to suit your needs at the right price is incredibly doable. On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a truckable vessel that you do not plan on using for a project in the foreseeable future, you may want to consider selling. Truckable vessels retain their value well, and you’ll find that there is no shortage of interested buyers.

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