Eiffel 101: 4 Uses for Shoring Systems

Shoring systems are used to support a structure to prevent it from collapsing, usually during building alterations, excavations, repairs, or when there is a risk of structure failure. Shoring is most commonly installed during the earliest phases of construction when walls are undergoing reinforcement, when there are large openings in a wall, or when a nearby structure needs to be demolished and the shored building is at risk of crumbling with it. Shoring is also utilized during excavations in order to reinforce trenches, which are notoriously unstable and might cave in without the extra support.

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1. Shoring Stabilizes Unsafe Structures

Shoring is commonly used to provide stability for structures that are unsafe or at risk of collapse. For example, if a building’s foundation shifts overtime it may become dangerously tilted, creating a risk for those in or near the building. A shoring system can be used to provide increased support for the unsafe sections of the building while workers repair the structure to make it safe again.

2. Shoring Creates Support During Renovations

A structure does not have to be crumbling or in disrepair to collapse during a renovation project. Even the most solidly-constructed buildings and bridges can become compromised during an alteration project. If a structure’s loadbearing walls are removed during a renovation, a shoring system can be used to support the walls and safely stabilize the affected area until the renovation is complete.

3. Shoring Prevents Trench Cave-Ins

Excavation work can be hazardous to laborers, and cave-ins have been known to take place even after safety precautions are taken. Shoring systems are used during excavations to reinforce trench walls and prevent cave-ins. Slide rail shoring is a type of modular component shoring system that’s used in place of driven tight sheeting or build-in-place timber shoring systems. Slide rail shoring is unique in that it employs a “dig and push” installation method that allows for quick, efficient setup. By utilizing slide rail shoring, you’ll see improved trench stability, improved project efficiency, extended life of the trench, and the ability for laborers to work in peace knowing that even if the trench collapses, they will not be trapped under the weight of the soil. Furthermore, this dig and push method can reduce cave-ins and trench collapse that might occur during the excavation, and which is common in other excavation methods.

4. Shoring Enables Bridge Repairs Without Closures

If a bridge requires repair, it’s often the case that the bridge must be closed and traffic rerouted until the work is complete. This can cause congestion and major traffic delays, especially if the bridge is a main commuter route that sees tens of thousands of drivers each day. With the use of shoring towers, bridges can be stabilized and routes kept open while construction is ongoing, allowing for traffic flow to continue as normal.

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