Eiffel 101: 5 Things to Consider When Selling Steel Plates

Steel plates are large, flat sheets of steel laid flat on the road for traffic to pass over while construction is underway. Steel plates can be used to cover potholes, excavations, trenches, damaged pedestrian walkways, and roads under construction, as well as along trench boxes during excavation for utility construction and repair.

Because steel plates are made to last, they hold up well even after many uses and can be resold after a project is complete. We want to help you get top dollar for your used material! Consider these tips to help make your listing more attractive to buyers and sell the steel plates quickly for the most profit.

Used Steel Plates for Sale

1. Consider the condition of your steel plates when setting the price.

Steel plates are made of steel and sometimes feature hardened threaded weld nuts and engineered lifting devices (such as a lifting ring), which make the plates easier to install. The condition of your steel plates is the most important factor to consider when setting your listing price. To determine the condition of your used steel plates, note their age, visual signs of wear, and whether or not there’s any damage or warping. Steel plates in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while plates with more damage should be discounted.

2. Factor the location of your steel plates into the price.

Location plays an important role in the price of all used and surplus materials, including your used steel plates. If your plates are located near a central construction hub, you’ll likely have more local demand for the materials and you can charge more for your plates. If you’re not in a central location, interested contractors will be factoring in the extra freight costs and transportation time, and they may be more likely to pass over your steel plates if the price doesn’t reflect these added factors. It is always best practice to recognize the potential shipping costs from your location!

3. Include relevant details like size and thickness in your listing.

Steel plates come in a range of lengths, widths and thicknesses and can feature lifting rings, skid-resistant texture, and other extras. You can help potential buyers narrow their search by listing your plates’ exact specifications, including their length, width, thickness, and the age of the plates. Help buyers narrow their search even further by listing the steel plates’ location, as many buyers are looking to purchase steel plates locally. Typically, the buyers at Eiffel Trading are looking for steel plates that are least 1.00” thick. Nevertheless, our marketplace offers a wide variety of steel plates with ranging thicknesses.

4. Include high quality photos of the steel plates.

Online shoppers might hesitate to go through with a sale if they can’t view the entire steel plate in the listing photo. To help make your steel plates more marketable, take high quality photos in good daylight, and aim to take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you're showcasing the plates in their entirety.

Brand New Steel Plates for Sale

5. List your steel plates at a competitive market price.

If your steel plates don’t seem to be attracting many interested buyers, it might be because you’ve priced the materials too high or—in some cases—you’ve priced the plates too low, meaning buyers are passing over your materials under the assumption that they’re in worse condition than they actually are. Research the going rate for plates of similar size and condition in your area to ensure you’re setting a competitive market price.

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