Eiffel 101: 6 Reasons to Sell Steel Plates with Eiffel Trading

As their name implies, steel plates are sizeable, flat plates made of steel. They are employed to cover openings like excavation areas, potholes, and trenches. Steel plates are temporary fixtures, and once they are no longer needed for a project, they are removed. They can be repurposed and used again and again, and they’re built to last and withstand the elements. This makes them popular on the used market. If you’re a seller who has decided to sell your steel plates, you have a few different options for selling. Selling with Eiffel Trading is arguably one of your best bets. Here are six reasons why:

Used Steel Plates for Sale

1. It Will Be a Profitable Experience

This is a great reason and perhaps the most obvious reason to sell. If you are no longer in need of your steel plates, selling them will help you turn a profit. Steel prices are quite high currently, which creates a significant demand on the market for used steel products like steel plates. Additionally, steel plates retain their value well, especially if they’re in good condition. When you sell with Eiffel Trading, you get to name your own price, which means you get to choose your profit based on what’s fair and the market value of your plates.

2. You’ll Make Room in Storage

Why not clear out a storage yard by selling your steel plates? Selling allows you to free up space for other materials and equipment, and sometimes it even allows you to sell your yard! There’s no need to keep steel plates around to collect dust if you don’t have plans to use them in the foreseeable future. Selling with Eiffel Trading helps you make room!

3. The Process Is Designed for You

At Eiffel Trading, our business model is designed to prioritize the needs of our sellers and buyers. When you sell with us, all you have to do is create a free listing, and we’ll handle the logistics of marketing your steel plates to top-notch buyers. Plus, there are never time constraints when you sell with us, and you get to retain your selling rights.

Brand New Steel Plates for Sale

4. You’ll Avoid the Pitfalls of Other Selling Avenues

Selling at auction or on a global goods marketplace are two alternatives to selling with an online marketplace for contractors like Eiffel Trading. Unfortunately, auction sites often sell to the highest bidder (potentially minimizing your profits), require you to sign over your selling rights, put time constraints on selling, and often charge a fee for you to list. Global goods marketplaces also have their downsides, including the expectation that you should price low to sell fast.

5. You’ll Do Another Contractor a Favor

When you sell your steel plates, you help another contractor save some money on the materials for their next project. It’s beneficial for everyone involved.

6. You’ll Be Making a Sustainable Choice

When you decide to sell your steel plates, you broaden the selection on the used market, reducing the need to produce new steel plates. This has a small but meaningful impact on sustainability and the environment.

Buy and Sell with Eiffel Trading

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