Eiffel 101: 6 Things to Evaluate in a Sectional Barge

If you’re going to purchase a used sectional barge, you’ve made a great decision that will result in you saving some precious cash. Since sectional barges are built to be durable and strong and used again and again over the course of decades, buying used makes a lot of sense. It’s important, though, to make sure you inspect and gather information before you invest.

Even if you are not able to physically inspect the barge in person, it’s a good idea to “inspect” from afar by assessing key qualities and specs. Below are some helpful inspection tips for purchasing sectional barges that apply whether or not you’re able to physically assess a barge before you make your buy.

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Eiffel 101: 6 Things to Evaluate in a Sectional Barge

1. The Depth of the Barge

– This is an important and sometimes overlooked thing to consider. Popular available depths are 5’ and 7’, and you want to make sure you get the right depth for your project. If the depth isn’t listed, reach out to the seller to inquire about this.

2. Where/How It’s Been Used

– See if you can get a comprehensive history of use. It’s especially important to know where it’s been used/in what type of water, whether that be brackish water, fresh water, or salt water. Generally, fresh water is the least abrasive, and barges that have only or mostly been used in fresh water will be in the best condition. If it’s recently been used in salt water, inquire with the seller about whether it's been rinsed off after use, which is important for maintaining its condition.

3. Brand

– Flexifloat and Poseidon are the two most respected and high-value brands. If the barge is from one of these manufacturers, the used barges will typically be priced higher. If a barge’s brand isn’t listed, this is definitely something you should inquire with the seller about.

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4. Connection Types

– Connection types vary based on brand and sometimes based on model. Possible connection types include securing pins that must be inserted to connect sections/modules as well as built-in locking systems. Securing pins often require some extra work and effort during installation.

5. Extras

– Accessories and other extras can be a major selling point if they’ll aid in your project. Make a note of any add-ons that may come with a sectional barge you’re considering purchasing, including safety railing, winch systems, and elevating systems.

6. General Condition

– Having a good idea of the general condition of a sectional barge before you agree to buy is a must. You should know about any rust, residue, corrosion, dents, etc. Some superficial imperfections shouldn’t be cause for too much concern, but it is always better to know as much information about the barge as possible before finalizing your purchase!

Consider the inspection tips above as well as any things you may need to assess based on the specifics of your project, and get the most out of your sectional barge purchase!

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