Eiffel 101: Basics of Shoring Safety

Shoring systems are used to support structures to prevent them from collapsing during construction. Shoring is most commonly used during the earliest phases of construction; when walls or structures are undergoing reinforcement, during excavation, or when a nearby structure needs to be demolished (to prevent the shored building from crumbling along with it).

Shoring systems usually support either buildings or trenches. For buildings, a shoring system such as piles and lagging support the surrounding loads until the underground levels of the building are completed and can bear the weight of the rest of the building. For trenches, the shoring system steadies the trench walls to prevent cave-ins and keep workers safe.

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When installing and using shoring, it’s vital to follow all state, provincial, local, and federal regulations to ensure worker safety. Here are a few general guidelines that cover the basics of shoring safety:

  • A qualified person should survey the jobsite for hazards that could cause issues with the shoring system. If hazards are uncovered, they should be corrected as needed.

  • Plan the shoring’s installation in advance. This includes ensuring that the right equipment is available to safety finish the work.

  • Inspect all equipment before use. If a defect is found, the affected item should be removed and repaired. Defective equipment should never be used.

  • Obtain a shoring drawing from a qualified professional. The drawing should be used onsite at all times.

  • Handle the shoring equipment with care, and only use the equipment as it was intended.

  • Don’t erect, dismantle or alter the shoring equipment without the approval of a qualified supervisor.

  • Inspect the shoring system through the duration of a project. If there’s any doubt about the safety of the shoring, stop use immediately and contact a qualified supervisor.

  • Shoring systems should not be used for fall protection. Furthermore, workers should not use shoring systems if they feel dizzy or lightheaded.

  • Do not climb on the cross braces.

  • Periodically adjust uneven grade conditions, and plumb and level shoring frames as the erection proceeds. Do not force braces on frames; level the shoring towers for the proper fit.

  • Follow proper safety practices during dismantling. Nothing should be removed from the shoring system until a qualified supervisor has given their approval.

Proper installation, use and dismantling of shoring systems can help keep workers safe and prevent collapses during construction, renovation, and expansion.

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