Eiffel 101: Common Questions about Crane Mats

Do you have questions about crane mats? Below are some answers to some of the most asked questions about them.

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Where should crane mats be used?

Crane mats can be used anywhere you want to offer more ground stability for heavy equipment like cranes. They are particularly useful in marshes, wetland locations, swamps, and on uneven ground.

Which types of equipment can be used on crane mats?

All types of cranes and other equipment are suitable for use on crane mats. For instance, boom cranes and excavators are commonly operated on crane mats. Any heavy equipment that doesn’t rely on outriggers is a great choice for use on crane mats.

Why should crane mats be used?

Crane mats offer adequate bearing for cranes and other machinery. They allow cranes as well as other heavy machinery to operate with greater efficiency and ease. They also enable greater project safety by stabilizing the operation of equipment and machines. Cranes and other machinery are much less likely to topple over if crane mats are used.

Are there other benefits to using crane mats?

Yes! They also help mitigate unnecessary damage to the landscape. You don’t have to worry about cranes and machinery digging tracks in the ground or otherwise stirring up the area. Additionally, they help prevent equipment from getting mired in the mud.

What sorts of projects are crane mats good for?

Crane mats are frequently used for: pipeline construction, heavy civil projects such as bridge and highway construction, oil and gas projects, utility jobs, renewable energy construction (including wind turbine construction), bridge construction, excavation projects, and projects that involve crane access trestle.

What are some common crane mat sizes?

Crane mats are sold in a range of sizes. Popular sizes are between 4’ to 8’ wide, 8” to 1’ thick, and 15’ and 50’ in length.

What are crane mats made of?

Crane mats are made of various kinds of timber including oak, mixed hardwood, and Douglas fir. Their ends are frequently painted with wax lumber. Some crane mats are “composite,” which means they’re made of materials other than timber, including plastic, rubber, and fiberglass.

What are the grades of crane mats?

If crane mats are graded, they may be considered “Grade A,” “Grade B,” or “Grade C.” Grade A mats are in excellent condition (like-new). Grade B mats have small surface-level damage that does not impact their ability to do their jobs. Grade C mats are the roughest around the edges and may have some quite noticeable wear and tear, but they’re still useable for most applications.

What are lifting bolts?

Lifting bolts are steel through-bolts. They can be attached to the bottom of crane mats and support their width. Lifting bolts are useful for loading crane mats onto truck beds, and they also simplify the unloading and installation process.

Can I resell my crane mats?

Absolutely! Crane mats are meant to be used for several projects. Once you’re done using them, selling them can be an excellent option to help you make some extra money. This is especially true if your used crane mats are in favorable condition. Typically, the used market has the most demand for grade A, AB, and B conditions. Occasionally, we also have inquiries for lower grade crane mats for various applications.

How do I care for my crane mats?

There are a few different things you can do to ensure your crane mats stay in good condition.__ First off, keep them clean__. Before and especially after use, you should pressure wash them to remove any plant growth or residue. You should also transport them with care, so they don’t get damaged en route to a project. Additionally, careful installation and removal of crane mats as well as proper storage when they aren’t in use is advised.

If you’re in the market to buy some crane mats for an upcoming project, consider exploring the options offered by the used market. As mentioned, crane mats are meant to be re-used, and you can lower your project costs by buying pre-owned rather than new.

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