Eiffel 101: Crane Access Trestles vs. Barges

Crane access trestles and barges serve overlapping functions, and you may find yourself in a position where you must choose between the two. What are the advantages of crane access trestles? What are the advantages of barges? And which one is right for your project? Here, we compare the two.

Advantages of Crane Access Trestles

  1. Crane access trestles are an environmentally friendly alternative to barges. Using a barge in shallow water causes environmental problems, since dredging is required to mount cranes on barges. Dredging is disruptive to the environment because it affects the habitat of river and marine life, disrupts ecosystems, contaminates water, encourages the breeding of harmful organisms, and pollutes the soil. When crane access trestles are used in place of dredging, these negative consequences can be avoided.

  1. Crane access trestles reduce the dredging-related downtime associated with operating barges in shallow water. For example, many regions do not allow contractors to dredge for more than three months out of the year, so if a substantial amount of dredging is required for a project, this limit can lead to project delays. Crane access trestles allow contractors to avoid such delays since they do not require dredging.

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  1. Crane access trestles minimize other red tape and regulatory hassles associated with dredging. It can be time consuming and frustrating to obtain approval for dredging activities, but by using trestles instead of barges, many of these setbacks can be avoided.

  1. Crane access trestles aren’t affected by tidal range. This allows for more crane stability and enables workers to work without pausing for tide conditions.

  1. Crane access trestles don’t need to be entirely uninstalled after a project is complete. Portions of the trestle can remain alongside bridges to allow for easier maintenance and to function as maintenance docks, giving emergency vessels and boats better access to bridges in need of repair.

  1. Crane access trestles can prevent coastal erosion related to bridge construction with the use of bulkheads, which act as walls that prevent soil from sifting into rivers as a result of construction.

Advantages of Barges

  1. Unlike crane access trestles, barges work best in deep water, such as in the middle of rivers. They play an important role in projects such as bridge construction, dredging operations, and drilling operations.

  1. Barges can be customized on site. When connected, they create large working platforms on which heavy machinery can operate, and when disconnected, they can be used to transport equipment to hard-to-reach working areas.

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  1. Some barges are truckable, meaning they can be transported using 18-wheelers. Truckable barges are highly portable, meaning they can be used in bodies of water that would be otherwise inaccessible. Additionally, due to their size and maneuverability, truckable barges are often cheaper to purchase and operate when compared to traditional marine equipment, especially in situations where heavy-duty construction isn’t necessary. The most common truckable barges that we sell are sectional barges, such as Flexifloat and Poseidon barges.

Comparative Advantage: Both Barges and Crane Access Trestles Can Be Resold After Use

No matter whether you choose a barge or a crane access trestle for your project, both types of equipment can be resold after the project is complete. This is a major advantage, since selling used equipment enables you to recoup some of your original investment, save on storage space (and the associated costs), and help other contractors looking to purchase used equipment. Both barges and crane access trestles are made to last, which means they hold their value well, even after years of service. Eiffel Trading’s online platform makes it easy to sell used crane access trestles and barges to a growing marketplace of interested buyers.

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