Eiffel 101: Crane Mat Maintenance Tips

Crane mats offer ground protection for heavy equipment to operate on and sit atop. They are an indispensable addition to projects that involve the operation of cranes and other heavy equipment on ground areas that are uneven or in swamps, marshes, and wetland areas. Crane mats have top-notch load bearing capabilities and are built to be strong and durable. They’re meant to be re-used after project completion rather than discarded. They can easily be stacked and transported to new project locations. If taken care of properly, they can be used repeatedly. Improper maintenance of crane mats impacts their longevity. Below you’ll find some helpful tips to assist you in proper crane mat maintenance:

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Keep Crane Mats Clean

It’s essential to clean crane mats after the completion of a project and before the start of a new one. Crane mats used in wet areas may become sullied with plant growth, insects, and damaging residue. It’s best to pressure wash crane mats after use. It’s also a good idea to inspect them before they are transported or used for a new project. Careful inspection and adequate cleaning before installation helps ensure that crane mats will not suffer unnecessary damage due to things like residue from previous environments and insects.

Transport Crane Mats Carefully

Transporting crane mats is usually a simple profess. They can be transported on a truck or on a train, and they stack on top of each other quite easily. A semi-truck flatbed is a great choice for transporting them and is an ideal means of secure transport. Although they are easy to stack and move from one location to another, care must be taken to make sure that they do not slip off each other or become damaged during transportation. Tie-downs and/or hook straps should be used to properly secure them for transport. Additionally, lifting bolts (which are attached the crane mats themselves) should be used to properly lift them to and from truck or train.

Install Crane Mats with Care

If care is not taken during crane mat installation, crane mats are susceptible to damage or to posing safety risks to projects. Proper installation is an integral part of crane mat maintenance. Mats should be installed without gaps in a manner that ensures their stability. It’s often helpful to use the assistance of machinery like skid steers or track excavators for precise and efficient installation. Sediment controls should be installed to allow smooth transitions for machinery onto crane mats. Additionally, it’s best to avoid installing crane mats in a manner that may restrict the natural flow of streams. Layering of mats may be necessary under some conditions.

Store in a Protected Area

When not in use, crane mats should be stored in a covered area that is protected from excessive sunlight and moisture. Ultimately, you want to avoid unnecessary damage from being exposed to the elements when crane mats aren’t being employed for a project.

If you plan to sell your crane mats after use, adequate maintenance is essential to help you keep them in good condition and keep their resale value high. Whether you’re planning on selling them or re-using them for another project, consider the tips above to help you keep them in tip-top shape over the long haul.

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