Eiffel 101: How to Sell Your Shoring Towers

Before you list your shoring towers for sale, there are a few steps you can take to attract potential buyers, including cleaning the towers to make them more appealing, taking good quality photos, including detailed specs, setting a fair market price and being upfront about wear and tear.

1. Remove Dirt and Debris from the Shoring Towers

Before listing your shoring towers for sale, it's important to make them as visually appealing as possible. Take the time to remove all dirt and debris so that when you take photos for the listing, the towers look well-maintained and ready for their next project.

Shoring Equipment for Sale

2. Take High Quality Photos in Natural Light

High quality photos allow potential buyers to see what you’re offering, which can make them more likely to complete a sale. You don’t need an expensive camera to get the best shot; good daylight and a clean phone lens is sufficient. Aim to take at least a dozen photos of your shoring towers from different angles to give an online buyer a clear picture. Furthermore, take photos only after uninstalling the shoring towers so that buyers can see exactly what they’re purchasing.

3. Include Detailed Information

If your listing is incomplete, a potential buyer will likely not put in the extra work to contact you for details. Make their buying process seamless by including all relevant details, including spec sheets, load capabilities (usually denoted in kips), how many linear feet are available, how many times the towers have been used, dimensions, and the manufacturer.

4. Set Shoring Towers at a Fair Price

If your shoring towers aren’t selling, it could be because you’re failing to match the market’s going rate. Research the price of similar shoring towers sold in your area to ensure your prices are competitive. If your towers are old, heavily used or have wear and tear, this should be reflecting in the price as well.

5. Be Upfront About Wear and Tear

Since you’re selling your shoring towers used, buyers expect there to be wear and tear; never attempt to trick buyers into thinking your shoring towers are “like new” if they aren’t. It’s always better to be upfront about any defects and to price your shoring towers accordingly.

Shoring Equipment for Sale

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