Eiffel 101: Slide Rail Applications

Slide rail shoring is a modular component system that allows workers to push the system in place while digging the excavation to depth. Slide rail shoring provides enhanced safety for both personnel and those in nearby structures, and it can be used for a wide range of applications, including tank installations, near restricted areas, railroads, areas with poor soil conditions, bore pits, pump stations, linear pipeline runs, and more.

Restricted Areas or Near Railroads

Due to its design, the components of a slide rail shoring system require only smaller, more accessible machines during installation and removal than those needed to dig the same excavation using tight sheeting or trench shields. When used properly, slide rail shoring allows for exceptional pipe clearance and large free span work zones. Rolling carts can be moved up and down the spreader assemblies as needed for the placement of equipment, and to change the free span work zone provided by the system. For this reason, slide rail shoring systems are often favored for use in restricted areas or near railroads.

Tank Installations

The individual components of a slide rail system are lighter and easier to handle than large trench shields, which make them a good option for use in tank installations.

Areas with Poor Soil Conditions or for Soil Remediation

When compared to traditional tight sheeting, sloping or complex trench shield assemblies, a slide rail shoring system controls and prevents ground sagging and collapse, which is why they are often used in areas with poor soil conditions.

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Bore Pits and Pump Stations

Slide rail shoring systems can be used in bore pits. When compared to traditional tight sheeting, sloping or complex trench shield assemblies, a slide rail shoring system provides more clearance than standard trench shields, minimizes site repair costs, enables the use of smaller, more common size excavators, and decreases the overall time needed to install and remove installation the system.

Linear Pipeline Runs

Slide rail systems allow for flexibility, especially when encountering crossing utilities or underground obstacles. Many of the components of these systems are designed to allow for safe and quick installation of protective systems around such obstacles so that a project can continue without large time delays or costly disruptions.

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