Eiffel 101: Tips for Buying Used HDPE Pipe

HDPE pipe is resistant to corrosion, flexible, durable and has a lifespan of up to 100 years. For these reasons, HDPE pipe can be uninstalled and resold for reuse. When purchasing used HDPE pipe, it’s important to look at the pipe’s prior applications, whether pressure testing has been done, if the seller still has receipts or information from their original purchase of the pipe, the pipe’s particular specs, freight logistics, price, and the pipe’s overall condition.

Used and Surplus HDPE Pipe for Sale

How Was the HDPE Pipe Previously Used?

When purchasing used HDPE pipe, one of the first questions you should ask is what the pipe was previously used for, as this will impact the overall integrity of the pipe. For example, if the HDPE pipe was only ever used to transport fresh water, the pipe is likely in better condition, since freshwater is not a harsh chemical that will quickly degrade the pipe. Conversely, if the pipe was used to transport more corrosive elements, it could have a shorter remaining service life. All of these factor should be reflected in the pipe’s price

Has the Pipe Recently Been Pressure Tested?

Before installing HDPE pipe, pressure testing can be done to ensure there are no leaks and the pipe is in good working condition. If the pipe has been pressure tested prior to sale, that is an added bonus for the purchaser!

What Are the Pipe’s Specs?

Before purchasing used HDPE pipe, be sure to gather all relevant details including the pipe size, SDR, total length available for sale, and the length each segment of pipe is cut into.

Does the Owner Have the Original Purchase Receipts?

If the owner happens to have the original purchase receipts, it will give you a record of all the pipe’s relevant information, including the original date of sale, size, and the price paid for the pipe.

What Are the Freight Logistics?

In addition to the cost of the pipe itself, most pipe must be transported after purchase and will therefore incur freight costs. Obtain information regarding freight logistics, including where the pipe is currently located, the timeline for delivery, and how much transportation will cost. Often, the buyer can tell you how much pipe will fit on a truck based on how the pipe is cut and whether it is in coils or pieces.

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