Eiffel 101: Tips for Purchasing and Inspecting Used Steel Plates

Steel plates are large, flat plates most commonly used to cover potholes, excavations, trenches, damaged pedestrian walkways, and roads under construction. They are also used along trench boxes during excavation for utility construction and repair. The purpose of a steel plate is to provide a temporary surface for traffic to pass over while construction is underway.

Due to the durability of steel plates, they have long lifespans and are often resold after use. When purchasing used steel plates, it's important to inspect their overall condition, whether the seller has the plate certifications, the prior applications for the plate, and how the plate was stored.

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How Was the Steel Plate Previously Used?

When purchasing used steel plates, one of the first questions to ask is how the plate was previously used, as this can potentially impact the integrity of the plates. Steel plates used in light duty situations will have less wear and tear than plates used in highly trafficked areas or for heavy construction. Because wear and tear can impact the future lifespan of the plate, it should be reflected in the price.

How Was the Steel Plate Stored?

Just as it's important to understand how the plate was previously used, it can also be helpful to know how the steel plate was stored. Has the plate been kept in a secure, enclosed facility? Or has it been left outside, exposed to the elements? Plates left outside for extended periods of time may show further signs of wear.

What Are the Steel Plate’s Overall Conditions?

Aside from understanding how the steel plate was used in prior applications and where it was stored, much can be gleaned from a visual observation of the plate. Look to see if the plate has rust, holes, antiskid coatings, or any obvious damage. If you are not there to inspect the plate in person, ask the seller to send good quality photos from many angles to give you the most accurate representation. Often, a simple visual inspection can tell you much about a plate’s value.

Does the Seller Have the Plate’s Certifications?

If given the choice between purchasing used steel plate with certifications or without certifications, it's can be beneficial to choose the plate that still has its certifications, which will note details such as the steel grade. The more information you can obtain about the steel plate, the better.

What Are the Freight Logistics?

In addition to the cost of the steel plate, most plates must be transported after purchase and will therefore include freight costs. Obtain all relevant information regarding freight logistics, including where the steel plate is currently located, the timeline for delivery, and the cost of transportation.

Used Steel Plates for Sale

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