Eiffel 101: Top 5 Reasons to Sell Used Concrete Formwork

Concrete formwork is the (often temporary) mold or frame into which concrete is poured during concrete construction to simplify the creation of clean, precise concrete structures of a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is an incredibly useful addition to numerous types of projects in a variety of industries.

Engineered concrete formwork, made of aluminum or steel, can be used many times before needing to be retired if taken care of well during the course of its life. This makes it a great choice for the used market. Once you’ve completed a project and no longer need a particular style of formwork, selling is often the most logical decision. There are a number of good reasons to sell your used concrete formwork. Below are the top five:

Concrete Formwork for Sale

1. You’ll Make a Profit

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of selling your used concrete formwork. It’s also one of the most compelling reasons to sell. Concrete formwork retains its value well, and you can expect to be able to sell for used market value, especially with steel and aluminum prices at all-time highs. Why not recoup a considerable portion of what you invested in your forms to begin with? It makes total financial sense.

2. You’ll Clear Out Storage Space

Concrete formwork can take up a pretty sizeable amount of storage space. If you sell it, you’ll free up that storage space for other equipment and materials. If you’re looking for ways to declutter your storage areas, this can be a major advantage of selling.

3. Selling Online Is Easy

Selling online with a marketplace like Eiffel Trading is an easy process. You simply create a free listing, and we’ll handle most of the legwork of marketing your formwork to high-quality buyers. Plus, when you list with Eiffel Trading there are other perks like being able to retain your selling rights and not having to deal with time constraints on selling.

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4. You’ll Help Another Contractor

The more concrete formwork on the used market, the better for buyers looking to save a bit of money. If you sell your formwork, you’ll be doing another contractor a favor. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

5. It’s the Sustainable Choice

The more concrete formwork there is on the used market, the less of a need there is for the production of new formwork. Since engineered forms are designed to last for many working cycles, disposing of them prematurely (or holding onto them in storage), is the less sustainable choice in comparison to selling.

If you do decide to sell, make sure you adequately clean off all concrete residue from your formwork and that you store it in a covered, protected area where it won’t be subjected to any unnecessary environmental damage. Doing what you can to maintain and prepare it before it’s sold will help ensure its next owner is satisfied with its condition and can get the most from it once it’s in their hands.

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