Eiffel Trading 101: Can I Splice Sheet Pile?

Finding used sheet pile for sale is a challenge. Finding used sheet pile for sale at the exact length you need is an even bigger challenge. What if you find short sheet pile - can you splice them together to make the length you need? The short answer is yes, you can splice sheet pile. However, it is not recommended from the sheet pile manufacturer. If you must splice sheet pile, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure you are splicing the same sheet pile section. This sounds like common sense, but it's very important due to the many various sheet pile sections available. For example: you won't be able to splice a PZ-27 to a PZC-18 - even though they have the same type of interlock they won't line up.
  2. Avoid lining up the splices in the wall, make sure they are staggered. Manufacturers recommend staggering the splices in adjacent sheet pile by a minimum of 3'.
  3. When splicing sheet pile it is nearly impossible to weld around the interlocks. You want to avoid distorting the interlocks from the heat of the welding. In order to achieve a full section modulus your splice will need to have flange plates to make up for the loss of section modulus at the interlocks.
  4. Make a template when you weld the sheet pile together to ensure the two sheets are plumbed prior to welding. If the spliced sheet pile is not 100% true, it will increase driving difficulty substantially.

Again - splicing sheet pile is not a recommended practice. Always check with a professional engineer prior to splicing sheet pile. If your sheet pile is too short for your project design, check out our inventory of available used sheet pile. You can also sell your short sheet pile, while you're on the site! To learn more, please call 1-800-541-7998 or email us at sales@eiffeltrading.com.



Andrew Norman is one of the co-founders of Eiffel Trading. His background is in Heavy-Civil and Marine Construction in Project Management and Procurement. While working in Project Management and Procurement he purchased thousands of feet of sheet pile.