Eiffel Trading 101: H-Pile Applications

What is H-Pile? What is H-Pile used for? H-Pile is a structural steel shape that is typically made of 100% recycled content. H-Pile is commonly used as a bearing pile (foundation pile) that is driven into the ground to support large structures. The structures H-Pile supports are almost infinite – bridges, buildings, stadiums, manufacturing centers and the list goes on. Here are some common applications for H-Pile:

Bearing Piles

As mentioned in the introduction, H-Pile is mainly designed to be used as a bearing pile for the foundation of a structure. H-Pile resists loads by skin friction, which is how it achieves loading capacity.

Walers and Bracing

Are you building a sheet pile cofferdam, but the section needs support bracing? H-Pile is commonly used as walers and bracing inside cofferdams and on retaining walls to help strengthen the structure.

Beam and Lagging Walls

Beam and lagging walls are frequently used in deep excavations in urban areas. A beam and lagging wall is made up of beams driven vertically into the ground with hardwood timbers (lagging) placed on the interior of the flanges of two parallel piles to create an earth retention structure. The design property of H-Pile make it an ideal steel section to act as the support beams in the beam and lagging wall.

Pile Driving Templates

In manufacturer literature, this H-Pile application is frequently left out. Contractors love to use H-Pile for their pile driving templates. The templates are used for driving sheet pile, pipe pile and even h-pile.

H-Pile is a very versatile structural shape that has many benefits in the construction industry. If you are looking to purchase or sell your used h-pile, we would be happy to help. You can view our H-Pile inventory or create a listing online. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 1-800-541-7998 or email sales@eiffeltrading.com.



Andrew Norman is one of the co-founders of Eiffel Trading. His background is in Heavy-Civil and Marine Construction in Project Management and Procurement. Through his work in Project Management, he worked on several projects where H-Pile was used as walers, templates and bearing piles.