Eiffel Trading 101: Used Sheet Pile Applications

Steel sheet pile is a very versatile material in the construction industry. It can be used in multiple ways for temporary and permanent installations. We are going to cover some of the structures for used sheet pile:

Retaining Walls

Sheet Pile is frequently used for retaining walls. When driving down the interstate in construction zones you'll oftentimes see sheet pile used for temporary retaining walls. Since this is a temporary structure, the option to install used sheet pile is typically determined by the contractor.


One of the most famous uses for sheet pile is in a cofferdam. Sheet pile is ideal for cofferdam construction due to the interlock's resistance to permit the passage of water. Cofferdams are most typically a temporary structure, especially in bridge construction, where installation of used sheet pile is very common.

Braced Excavations

Whether you're building a pipeline, subway tunnel or building foundation, sheet pile can be used to brace the excavation. Properly bracing an excavation is paramount to providing a safe work environment for the construction workers. Due to the fact that bracing an excavation is not typically a permanent part of the structure, used sheet pile is frequently the preferred material.

Cut-Off Walls

Sheet pile and cut-off wall are almost synonymous. Cut-off walls are mostly part of permanent structures flood control structures. During the unfortunate event of an oil or chemical spill, sheet pile will be driven to prevent the spill from spreading. Since these events are extremely time sensitive and temporary in nature, used sheet pile is always a great option.

At Eiffel Trading, we have helped contractors procure used sheet pile to help fill all sorts of temporary applications. If you are in the procurement phase of your project, consider used sheet pile as a viable option. Used sheet pile will help your project save time and money! To learn more, please call 1-800-541-7998 or email us at sales@eiffeltrading.com.



Andrew Norman is one of the co-founders of Eiffel Trading. His background is in Heavy-Civil and Marine Construction in Project Management and Procurement. While working in Project Management and Procurement he was involved on projects that drove many temporary structures constructed with used sheet pile.