Eiffel Trading’s Biggest Ticket Items of 2021

2021 was an incredible year for the Eiffel Trading team! Not only did we revamp our online platform to increase both functionality and user experience, we also worked closely with both buyers and sellers on many transactions. In addition to saving our buyers money, we simultaneously helped our sellers make top dollar on their demobilized assets!

We strive to help our customers succeed through timely and cost-effective acquisition of new, used, surplus materials and equipment. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers! Repeat business is how we define success.

Crane Access Trestle for 300T Crane


Unsurprisingly, crane access trestle was our biggest ticket item this calendar year! Specifically, this crane access trestle was designed for a 300T crane. Our team sold 2.7 million pounds of this trestle system in just two weeks - pretty incredible! The spans of the system consisted of W36x232 beams, W36x210 beams, W36x135 beams, W24x146 beams, and more.

Check out our current crane access trestle here!

AZ Sheet Pile


The second big ticket item of 2021 is this AZ sheet pile transaction, which was also one of our quickest transactions of the year! Valued at over $600,000, these AZ sheets were formerly part of a king pile combi-wall system in the southeast.

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Vermeer PD10 Pile Drivers


Another big ticket transaction this year was Vermeer PD-10 Pile Drivers! These pile drivers were valued around $525,000 and the transaction included three 2019 units. These pile drivers were shipped from the pacific to the midwest region to make for a happy customer and a happy seller! That’s a win-win in our books!

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24" Steel Pipe Pile


The fourth big ticket transaction of 2021 was one of our favorites - steel pipe pile! This 24”x0.500” steel pipe listing lended itself to many large transactions this year, including this specific transaction which transported over 800,000 lbs to the northeast region. That’s over 20 truckloads!

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Surplus HP14 beams


We can’t write an article without mentioning one of the hottest items of 2021 - steel h-pile beams! We had hundreds of inquiries on HP10, HP12, & HP14 beams this year. This HP14x73 beam transaction was a team favorite. We facilitated the transaction to include cutting the beams from 70’ in length to 35’ in length. In total, we shipped over 170 of these beams down south.

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We look forward to the opportunities that 2022 will bring! No matter the challenge, we enjoy assisting our customers. If you’re in the market to buy or sell, give us a call at 800-541-7998 or email sales@eiffeltrading.com!

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