How are Crane Mats used in Oil and Gas Transmission?

Oil and gas transmission projects often involve working in uninhabited and isolated areas. These areas can present problems in terms of physical access for both workers and machinery. They can also involve delicate ecosystems that should be minimally disrupted. Crane mats can be a major asset to oil and gas transmission projects because they improve physical access for workers and machinery as well as help prevent disturbance to ecosystems. Crane mats are an excellent choice for several different applications in the oil and gas industry.

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Oil and Gas Projects: Utility of Crane Mats

Crane mats can create temporary roadways and bridges for workers, vehicles, and equipment to reach remote and wet areas for pipeline construction and other oil and gas projects. Most crane mats are made of sturdy and supportive timber, which is easy to transport and install to create temporary access roads and to offer ground stabilization for the use of heavy equipment like cranes.

Crane mats are ideal for use on uneven ground as well as in wetland areas, marshes, and swamp areas. They offer sufficient bearing for cranes, vehicles, workers, and various types of machinery. Additionally, they enable cranes and machinery to be operated with more stability and control. The chances of machinery toppling over due to inadequate ground support is unlikely when crane mats are used.

Another benefit of crane mats is that they minimize the disruption of natural environments, as previously mentioned. They protect the ground underneath them and provide easy access to locations so that a smaller surface area is impacted by machinery, vehicle, and foot traffic. This translates into projects having less of negative impact on the ecology of affected areas.

To summarize, crane mats can be applied in the following ways:

  • As temporary roads for vehicles, machinery, and workers

  • To offer general access to hard-to-reach locations

  • As temporary bridges over water for worker and equipment access

  • To provide ground stabilization for heavy machinery like cranes

Buying and Selling Crane Mats

There are a lot of options for buying crane mats of different sizes and load bearing capabilities. Once you know what specs you need from crane mats for your project, you can explore a wide array of both new and used mats on the market. Oftentimes, you can find the right crane mats for the job on the used market. Buying used can offer you the quality you need while save you money. Just make sure you’re aware of the condition and grade of any crane mats before you purchase. You want to make sure they’re in good enough shape to get the job done safely and securely.

Crane mats are built to last for several cycles of projects, if well maintained. If you’re done with your crane mats and don’t plan on using them for a future endeavor, it may be an excellent choice to sell them. There are plenty of interested buyers, and, since crane mats are stackable and so easy to transport, getting them to a buyer can be quite simple.

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