How Can I Save Money While Concrete Forming?

The use of concrete formwork ultimately provides a lot of value to concrete construction projects. Without attention to efficiency, however, you can end up spending more money than you intend to or should while concrete forming. Below are seven suggestions to help you boost your efficiency and save money when formwork is involved:

1. Invest in forms you can reuse or sell after use.

While engineered forms (steel or aluminum) can be more expensive upfront than timber forms, they can help you save money in the long run because they can be re-used for hundreds of cycles in many cases. They can also be sold or rented after you no longer need them. Engineered formwork does not tend to depreciate much while it’s still in good, working condition. This means you can sell it or rent it for a sizable profit if you’re no longer using it.

2. Construct formwork wisely.

Using prefabricated forms that are built offsite can increase efficiency and ultimately help you cut labor costs. Try to use prefabricated forms as much as possible. For formwork that must be constructed on-site, create a designated building area, and create a plan to construct formwork on a schedule that does not cause project delays. If the price of buying prefabricated forms seems too high, consider renting them.

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3. Simplify setting and stripping.

Create a process that makes setting and stripping uniform and rote for workers. The use of metal clamps or wedge pins to make assembling and disassembling easier is a great idea. Just make sure clamps or pins are secure. You may also want to use other additions like handles and lifting eyes to make both setting and stripping quicker and easier.

4. Take good care of your formwork.

Be sure to have a plan in place for when you strip forms to quickly remove concrete residue and apply a release agent. Additionally, having a designated place to store them when they are not being used to protect them from the elements while help you ensure their retention of value.

5. Maximize efficiency of cranes and hoists.

The size of the formwork sections you use should not exceed the capabilities of the cranes you have for the project. It’s a great plan to erect stair towers early on so they’re installed when you need them. Don’t forget to leave a bay open to allow for adequate space for cranes and concrete trucks.

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6. Consider concrete placement.

Concrete placement is also another important consideration when you are trying to increase efficiency and thus cut costs associated with slowdowns. Plan for the most efficient concrete placement possible and avoid high lifts in concrete wall construction. They can make vibration and placing more challenging and time-consuming. Remember that placing speed is often determined by specific formwork design.

7. Avoid common formwork fails.

If concrete sets improperly or gets damaged in any way, this can significantly slow down your project and increase cost. To avoid formwork fails, make sure you’re using the right formwork for the job and that you monitor concrete while it’s being poured and while it sets. Additionally, avoid removing formwork too early.

Considering selling?

We hope you use some of the money-saving tips listed above! Consider selling your used formwork once a project is over if you have no use for it in the foreseeable future. It’s an excellent way to get the most monetarily from your forms!

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