How Do I Maintain Crane Mats?

Crane mats are made from one of two types of materials: heavy-duty wooden planks, which are known as timber crane mats, or a blend of High-Density Polyethylene, which are called composite crane mats. The best maintenance plan for your crane mats will depend on a number of factors, including whether the mat is timber or composite, what kinds of stress the mat is expected to endure, and what resources are available for storing and transporting the mats.

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How To Maintain Timber Crane Mats

1. Use the Right Crane Mat for the Job

To help timber crane mats last longer, make sure they’re the appropriate density and strength for the project. Employing the wrong mats on a project is a quick way to wear the mats out faster than if the proper mats were chosen for the workload.

2. Handle and Transport the Mats with Care

To extend the life of your timber crane mats, pay careful attention to how the mats are transported and installed. Timber crane mats that are handled correctly will last longer than those handled haphazardly, since careless handling can lead to drops, damage, and a decline in integrity. It’s always a good idea to plan handling beforehand, and to train workers on the proper protocols to ensure the mats are not accidentally damaged.

Luckily, transporting crane mats is a straightforward process. They can be stacked on top of each other for consolidation and moved by truck. When stacking, it’s important to ensure the mats don’t slip off each other, as this can lead to damage. If you purchase used crane mats through Eiffel Trading, our freight partners will be sure to properly transport your purchase!

3. Install Crane Mats Carefully

Proper installation can help ensure your crane mats don’t suffer unnecessary damage, which can shorten their service life. Crane mats should be installed without gaps to guarantee their stability. Skid steers or track excavators can be used for precise and efficient installation. Sediment controls should be installed to allow smooth transitions for machinery onto crane mats. Finally, it’s best to avoid installing crane mats in a way that may restrict the natural flow of streams. It may be necessary to layer the mats in some circumstances.

4. Don’t Store Timber Crane Mats Outside

Timber crane mats will rot if they’re left outside unprotected. To extend the lifespan of wooden crane mats, store them in a covered, dry location.

5. Clean Crane Mats Between Uses

Crane mats used in wet areas may become mired with plant growth, insects, mud, and more. By cleaning crane mats between projects, you’ll ensure the mats do not suffer unnecessary damage or rot. Crane mats are best cleaned using a pressure washer.

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How To Maintain Composite Crane Mats

Composite crane mats are made of HDPE, which means they are not as likely to rot as timber crane mats and can last for years without deterioration. However, composite mats do need to be handled carefully when moving or installing to prevent damage, which can shorten their service life. Furthermore, as with timber crane mats, it’s important to keep the maximum loadbearing capacity of composite crane mats in mind when choosing them for a project. By doing this, you can maintain your composite crane mats for years to come.

Why You Should Maintain Your Crane Mats

There are three main reasons why it’s worth the extra time and effort to care for your crane mats.

1. Your Crane Mats Will Last Longer

Purchasing a crane mat is an investment. As with anything, the better care you take of your crane mats, the longer they will last, and the less money you will spend on repairs and replacements.

2. You Can Resell Your Crane Mats After Use

Since crane mats are not meant to be permanent, they must be uninstalled after a project is complete. Once you’ve finished using your crane mats, you can resell them to recoup some of your original investment, save storage space, prevent the crane mats from rotting, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used equipment.

3. Gently Used Crane Mats Are Worth More

When you’re ready to sell your used crane mats, you’ll want to make as much money back as possible. Crane mats are rated according to standards set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association and are graded on a letter scale from A (the highest rating) to C (the lowest usable rating). Gently used crane mats (such as Grade A and grade AB mats) will rank higher on this scale and sell for more money.

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