How Is Pipe Pile Used in Bridge Building?

Steel pipe of various styles may be used as pipe pile. When employed in construction, pipe pile transfers structural loads of significant heft into deep layers of soil or rock. This is particularly advantageous when top layers of the ground are weak or unstable. To be used in this capacity, pipe pile is driven into the ground with the help of a pile driver, such as a vibratory hammer. The size of pipe required, load bearing capability, and amount of pipe piles for the job will vary depending on project specifications.

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Popular types of pipe pile include straight seam, electric resistance weld (ERW), double submerged arc weld (DSAW), and spiral weld. Types of pipe pile are classified by their methods of manufacturing and unique specifications and capabilities that result from their manufacturing processes. Pipe pile may be plugged open ended, unplugged open ended, or utilize a bottom plate, depending on the application and desired outcome of its use.

For construction applications, steel pipe pile is often used in bridge construction, building construction, foundation construction, marine and dock construction, trestle construction, falsework construction, and in the construction of temporary structures.

Pipe Pile’s Role in Bridge Building

Pipe pile helps support bridge structures, offering stability, strength, dependability, and safety. It is primarily used to construct the foundation for bridges. When used in this way, it is driven into the ground. After being driven into the ground and secured in place, it is frequently filled with concrete to boost its overall strength and supportive qualities. The type of pipe pile utilized for a particular bridge construction project will depend on factors like the bridge structure it will need to support, ground conditions, water conditions in the area, and bedrock properties.

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One particular benefit of using steel pipe pile in bridge building is that most available pipe pile options are produced to have anti-corrosive properties. This makes it an attractive choice in marine areas where the pile may be exposed to water and humidity. As mentioned, pipe pile is also a popular choice for the foundations of docks, where its anti-corrosiveness also proves to be of use.

Of the types of steel pipe pile, straight seam pipe pile is seen as the strongest choice for bridge building and other, similar applications. Straight seam pipe pile provides a significant amount of equal bending strength from every direction, which helps prevent buckling. With minimized risk of buckling, it can adequately support the heaviest of structures.

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