How to Buy and Sell Pipe Pile with Eiffel Trading

Looking to buy or sell pipe pile? Consider exploring the options on Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace. We have an excellent track record helping both buyers and sellers of popular types of pipe pile, including welded, seamless, and spiral-welded. Keep reading to find out more about the buying and selling process with Eiffel Trading!

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How to Buy Pipe Pile with Eiffel Trading

Here’s how the process of buying pipe pile with Eiffel Trading works in six steps:

1. Ask for additional information.

Once you’ve narrowed down your possible selections, you can ask your account manager any questions that you may have about the steel, ask for MTR paperwork, additional photos, etc.

2. Get a freight rate.

Our in-house freight partners are ready to assist you with a freight rate to your desired location!

3. You make an offer.

When you find the pipe pile that’s right for your project, you click the green “Make Offer” button on the listing. From there, your account manager will present the offer to the seller. The seller will either accept or counteroffer.

4. Schedule or waive an inspection.

You’ll be given the option to either schedule an in-person inspection or waive the opportunity to inspect. It’s your call! If the pipe pile appears to be in good condition and you want to speed the process up, you may decide waiving the inspection is what you want. On the other hand, you may want the peace of mind the inspection offers. We always advise buyers to set up an inspection in order to ensure the material is right for your project.

5. Enter the contract to buy.

Once all parties have agreed upon the price and you have inspected the material, you’ll enter a contract to purchase the pipe pile and our team will coordinate the logistics of loading transportation.

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How to Sell Pipe Pile with Eiffel Trading

If you decide to sell your pipe pile with Eiffel Trading, the process is just as simple and hassle-free as buying, and we help you through every step. Below you’ll find the five major components of selling steel pipe with us:

1. Pick a price.

Do some market research and assess the going rate for the type of pipe pile you’re trying to sell. Then pick a price around the going rate that you feel is fair. If you want to sell quickly, you may want to price a bit lower than average. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask an Eiffel Trading account manager what your used pipe pile is worth. We can typically give you guidance based on recent sales and listings!

2. Create a listing.

This is an easy and straightforward process when you list your pipe pile with Eiffel Trading. Plus, you’ll get to keep your selling rights, which means you can list on other channels too. And you can remove your listing at any time.

3. Make your listing stand out.

It’s best to provide potential buyers with as much information as you can. Make sure you note the condition the pipe pile is in, size and thickness of the pipe pile, etc. on the listing. And be sure to take some good pictures in decent lighting to include with your listing. All these simple things can make a big difference! Another difference maker is the paperwork. It may take you some digging, but it is very beneficial to the sale to provide original paperwork or any MTR test paperwork that you have on hand!

4. Consider offers.

If you receive offers that are lower than you expect, you may decide to suggest a counteroffer. A buyer may either accept or reject your counteroffer.

5. Accept an offer.

Once a buyer makes an offer that is to your liking, you’ll accept it, enter into an agreement, and finalize the transaction. Once the transaction is finalized, Eiffel Trading will work with the buyer to figure out the logistics of transporting your pipe pile. Alternatively, you can work out transportation logistics with the buyer yourself. Keep in mind that it’s the buyer’s responsibility to handle and pay for shipping/transportation.

As you can probably tell, Eiffel Trading is an excellent choice whether you’re buying or selling pipe pile. We like to keep things as simple as possible for you and are always ready to help you get the most out of your buying or selling experience.

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Buy and Sell with Eiffel Trading

In addition to used pipe pile, our online marketplace is the place to both buy and sell used sheet pile, used traffic barrier, used shoring equipment, used HDPE pipe, and much more!

All of our listings are constantly being updated, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, create a wanted listing.

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